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Last updated: 2005-06-21

Compiled and written by Philbert Ono

What's this? List of photography-related words in English and Japanese. The Main List has 1100+ words (click on the alphabet links). Many of the words are also categorized in separate lists (General, Camera, etc.). Meanwhile, the J-E List is a separate Japanese-to-English list of essential words not included in the Main List. And Signs is a photo gallery of Japanese signs explained in English.

Note: If the Japanese term contains an English word, the English word is spelled in normal English in the romanization. This is for easier recognition and maybe easier pronunciation and understanding. If the Japanese term is identical to the Engiish, a left arrow <- is displayed (you still have to pronounce it in the Japanese katakana way). Macrons are provided to indicate long vowel sounds. Credits here.

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pamphlet <- パンフレット
pan focus <- パンフォーカス
panning nagashi-tori 流し撮り
panoramic photograph panorama shashin パノラマ写真
paparazzi paparatchi パパラッチ
paper yōshi 用紙
Paper sizes - 1 (1 inch = 25.4 mm)
a. photo stickers
b. credit card size
c. wallet size
d. business card size (55x91 mm)
e. 3.5 x 5 in. (89x127 mm)
f. postcard size (100x148 mm)
g. 4 x 6 in. (102x152 mm)
h. 120x165 mm
i. 127x178mm
j. 5x7 in. (130x180mm)
k. A5 (148x210 mm, 5.83x8.27 in.)
l. 8x10 in. (203x254 mm)
m. 8x12 in. (203x305mm)
n. A4 (210x297 mm, 8.27x11.69 in.)
o. US Letter (8.5x11 in., 215.9x279.4 mm)
(-- Not used in Japan.)
a. shashin seal (Purikura or Print Club)
b. card size
c. card size
d. meishi size
e. L-ban (Regular print size)
f. hagaki size
g. --
h. cabinet-ban
i. 2L-ban
j. dai-Cabinet-ban
k. A5 (A-go)
l. mutsugiri
m. mutsugiri wide
n. A4
o. Letter
印画紙Compiled by Philbert Ono atインガシサイズ
a. 写真シール、シールプリント、プリクラ
b. カードサイズ
c. カードサイズ
d. 名刺サイズ
e. L判バン
f. はがきサイズ
g. --
h. キャビネ判
i. 2L判バン
j. 大キャビネ判
k. A5
m. 六ッ切ワイド
n. A4
o. レター
Paper sizes in Japan include a mix of international, American, and Japan-only sizes. A few American paper sizes (like 4x6 in. and Letter) are not commonly used in Japan. When you develop a roll of film, the standard-size print is L-ban (3.5 x 5 in.) unlike 4x6 in. in the US.

Also note that photo papers in Japan are usually referred to by name (L, Mutsugiri, A4, Hansetsu, etc.) instead of the dimensions.
For inkjet printing papers, L, 2L, postcard (hagaki), and A4 are the most popular sizes. A3 Nobi paper is also available for large-format inkjet printers.
Paper sizes - 2 (Large sizes)
a. 10x12 in. (254x305 mm)
b. 10x14.5 in. (254x368mm)
c. 11x14 in. (279x356 mm)
d. A3 ( 297x420 mm, 11.69x16.54 in.)
e. 12x18 in.
f. 14x17 in. (356x432 mm)
g. A3 Nobi (329x483 mm, 13x19 in.)
h. 16x20 in.
i. 16x24 in.
j. A2 ( 420x594 mm, 16.5 x 23.4 in.)
k. 18x22 in. (457x560 mm)
l. 20x24 in. (508x610 mm)
m. 20x30 in.
(-- Not used in Japan.)
a. yotsugiri
b. yotsugiri wide
c. dai-yotsugiri
d. A3
e. --
f. hansetsu
g. A3 nobi
h. --
i. --
j. A2
k. zenshi
l. dai-zenshi
m. poster size
b. 四ッ切ワイド
c. 大ダイ四ッ切
d. A3
e. --
f. 半切
g. A3ノビ
h. --
i. --
j. A2
k. 全紙
l. 大ダイ全紙
m. ポスターサイズ
There are also other common paper sizes such as B5 and other B-series papers. Although B is common for book and magazine sizes, they are not used for photo and inkjet printing.
parallax <- パララックス
parallax correction parallax hosei パララックス補正
part (hardware) buhin 部品Compiled by Philbert Ono atブヒン
partial metering bubun sokkō 部分測光
PC sync cord synchro cord シンクロコード
PC terminal (for flash) synchro tanshi シンクロ端子Compiled by Philbert Ono atタンシ
pentaprism pentaprism ペンタプリズム
people (photography) jinbutsu 人物
perforated film yūkō film 有孔Compiled by Philbert Ono atユウコウフィルム パーフォレーション is also used in Japanese.
performing arts/theater/stage photography butai shashin 舞台写真 See also Photographic fields.
peripheral brightness shūhen kōryō 周辺光量
peripheral device shūhen kiki 周辺機器
personal computer pasokon パソコン  
perspective enkinkan, <- 遠近感、パースペクティブ
phone number denwa bangō 電話Compiled by Philbert Ono atデンワ番号バンゴウ
photo See photograph.
photo album shashin album, <- 写真アルバム、フォトアルバム
photo award shashin-shō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンショショウ
photo book (pictorial) shashin-shū 写真集
photo booth (for ID photos) speed shashin, speed shashin box, jidō satsuei-ki スピード写真、スピード写真ボックス、自動撮影機 They call it "Speed Shashin," but I always see only "Shōmei Shashin" (ID Photos) 証明Compiled by Philbert Ono atショウメイ写真シャシン on the booth and not "Speed Shashin." Image here.
photo caption shashin no caption, setsumeibun 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンのキャプション、説明文セツメイブン
photo class shashin kyōshitsu 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン教室キョウシツ
photo club <-, photo circle フォトクラブ、フォトサークル
photo contest shashin contest, <- 写真コンテスト、フォトコンテスト
photo critic shashin hyōronka 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン評論家ヒョウロンカ
photo diary shashin nikki 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン日記ニッキ
photo equipment shashin kizai, satsuei kizai 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン機材キザイ、撮影サツエイウ機材キザイ
photo essay <- フォトエッセイ
photo exhibition shashin-ten 写真展
photo finish shashin hantei 写真判定 In a race, to see who crossed the finish line first.
photo gallery <- フォトギャラリー
photo gear See photo equipment.
photo historian shashin-shika 写真史Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンシイエ
photo history shashin-shi 写真史Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンシ
photo ID card shashin-tsuki no mibun shōmeisho 写真つきの身分証明書
photo industry shashin sangyō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン産業サンギョウ
photo lab rabo, genzōsho ラボ、現像所
photo magazine shashin zasshi 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン雑誌ザッシ  
photo montage <- フォトモンタージュ  
photo museum shashin bijutsukan 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン美術館ハクブツカン
photo of someone in his/her younger days wakai koro no shashin 若いころの写真
photo op shashin satsuei jikan 写真撮影時間
photo paper (for inkjet) shashin yōshi 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン用紙
photo postcards shashin-iri hagaki, shashin hagaki 写真入りはがき、写真はがき
photo researcher shashin kenkyūka 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン研究ケンキュウイエ
photo school shashin gakkō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン学校ガッコウ Photo vocational school: Shashin senmon gakkō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン専門センモン学校ガッコウ
photo session (group shooting a model) shashin satsuei-kai 写真撮影会
photo shoot shashin satsuei 写真撮影
photo shy shashin-kirai 写真嫌い
photo stickers shashin seal, seal print, purikura 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンシール、シールプリント、プリクラ "Purikura" is an abbreviation for Print Club which is a trademark. See also Print Club on the J-E List.
photo studio shashin studio 写真スタジオ This usually refers to a commercial or rental photo studio where pros photograph models, products, etc. It is not a portrait studio where people go to get their portraits taken. See also portrait studio.
photo teacher shashin kōshi 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン講師コウシ
photocopy copy コピー Must be used in context.
photocopying machine (Xerox, etc.) copy-ki コピー機Compiled by Philbert Ono atキ
photocopying paper copy-yōshi コピー用紙Compiled by Philbert Ono atヨウシ
photofinisher DPE-ya, rabo, genzōsho DPE屋Compiled by Philbert Ono atヤ、ラボ、現像所ゲンゾウショ
photogenic shashin utsuri ga yoi, <- 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン写りが良い、フォトジェニック
photogram <- フォトグラム
photograph (noun) shashin 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン "Shashin" can be singular or plural. If there is a specific quantity of photos, then we mention the numerical quantity such as "san-mai no shashin" (3 photos). "Mai" is the counter for photos. "Shashin" is strictly a noun and never functions as a verb as in English. The words "toru" and "satsuei suru" are used as verbs for "to take a photo." See also "photograph (with verb)" and "take a photograph."
photograph (with verb)
a. take a photograph
b. hang a photo (on a wall)
d. organize photos
e. publish photos on a Web site
f. send photos
g. send photos via email
h. select a photo(s)
i. show a photo(s)
j. start photography (as a hobby)
k. compress the photo
shashin o  ̄
a. shashin o toru
b. shashin o kakeru
c. shashin o totte morau
d. shashin o seiri suru
e. HP ni shashin o keisai suru
f. shashin o okuru
g. shashin o mail suru
h. shashin o erabu
i. shashin o miseru
j. shashin o hajimeru
k. shashin o asshuku suru
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンを〜
a. 写真シャシンを撮
b. 写真をかける
c. 写真を撮ってもらう
d. 写真を整理する
e. HPに写真を掲載する
f. 写真を送る
g. 写真をメールする
h. 写真を選ぶ
i. 写真を見せる
j. 写真を始める
k. 写真を圧縮する
See also take a photograph.
photographer cameraman, shashinka, <- カメラマン、写真家、フォトグラファ The words "cameraman" and "shashinka" are often used interchangeably. However, there are slight differences. "Cameraman" could be a news photographer, commercial photographer, etc. Whereas a fine-art photographer is always a "shashinka." And a movie cameraman can never be called a "shashinka" because "shashin" means photography. The word "photographer" is also used in Japanese, but much less common.
photographers' association shashinka kyōkai 写真家Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンカ協会キョウカイ
photographic culture shashin bunka 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン文化ブンカ
photographic evidence shōko shashin 証拠写真
photographic expression shashin hyōgen 写真表現  
Photographic fields - 1
a. advertising photography
b. aerial photography
c. alpine photography
d. architectural photography
e. astrophotography
f. catalog/product photography
g. closeup photography
h. commercial photography
i. corporate photography
j. documentary photography
k. fashion photography
l. fine-art photography
m. food photography
Shashin bun'ya
a. kōkoku shashin
b. kūchū shashin
c. sangaku shashin
d. kenchiku shashin
e. tentai shashin
f. shōhin shashin
g. sessha
h. commercial photo, shōgyō shashin
i. kigyō satsuei
j. documentary photo
k. fashion shashin, mōdo shashin
l. geijutsu shashin
m. ryōri no shashin
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン分野ブンヤ
a. 広告写真
b. 空中写真
c. 山岳写真
d. 建築写真
e. 天体写真
f. 商品ショウヒン写真
g. 接写セッシャ
h. コマーシャルフォト、商業写真
i. 企業撮影
j. ドキュメンタリーフォト
k. ファッション写真シャシン、モード写真シャシン
l. 芸術ゲイジュツ写真
m. 料理リョウリの写真シャシン
To replace the word "photography" (shashin) with "photographer," just say shashin-ka or cameraman instead of shashin.

b. Airplane photography is called kōkū shashin 航空写真.

i. Executive portraits are called "yakuin satsuei" 役員撮影.

Photographic fields - 2
a. landscape photography
b. medical photography
c. nature photography
d. news/press photography
e. nude photography
f. photojournalism
g. portrait photography/Portraiture
h. sports photography
i. still-life photography
j. theatrical/stage photography
k. travel photography
l. underwater photography
m. wedding photography

a. fūkei shashin
b. igaku shashin
c. nature photo
d. hōdō shashin
e. nude shashin
f. <-
g. shōzō shashin, portrait
h. sports shashin
i. seibutsu shashin
j. butai shashin
k. ryokō shashin
l. suichū shashin
m. konrei shashin

a. 風景写真
b. 医学写真
c. ネイテャーフォト
d. 報道写真
e. ヌード写真
f. フォトジャーナリズム
g. 肖像写真、ポートレート
h. スポーツ写真
i. 静物写真
j. 舞台写真
k. 旅行写真
l. 水中写真
m. 婚礼写真
"To replace the word "photography (shashin)" with "photographer," just say shashin-ka or cameraman instead of shashin.

photographic paper inga-shi 印画紙Compiled by Philbert Ono atインガシ
photographic science shashin kagaku 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン科学カガク
Photographic subjects 1 (People 1)
a. actress
b. acquaintance
c. athlete
d. baby
e. boy
f. boyfriend
g. brother, older/younger
h. child(ren)
i. classmate
j. close friend
k. colleague at work
l. college student
m. company president
n. company employee (full-time)
o. famous person/pop entertainer
p. father/mother/parents
q. family
r. model
s. friend
t. geisha
u. girl
v. girlfriend
w. high school girl
x. high school student
y. Japanese beauty
z. Japanese (people)
Shashin hishatai 1 (Jinbutsu 1)
a. joyū
b. shiri-ai
c. senshu
d. akachan
e. otoko-no-ko
f. kare-shi
g. ani/otōto
h. kodomo
i. dōkyūsei
j. shin'yū
k. dōryō
l. gakusei
m. shachō
n. shain
o. yūmeijin/geinōjin
p. chichi, otoosan/haha, okaasan/ryōshin
q. kazoku
r. <-
s. tomodachi, yūjin
t. <-
u. onna-noko
v. kanojo
w. ko-gal
x. kōkōsei
y. Nihon bijin
z. Nihonjin
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ(人物1)
b. 知り合い
c. 選手センシュ
d. 赤アカちゃん
e. 男の子
f. 彼氏
g. 兄/弟オトウト
h. 子供
i. 同級生
j. 親友
k. 同僚
l. 学生
m. 社長
n. 社員
o. 有名人/芸能人ゲイノウジン
p. お父さん、父/お母カアさん、母ハハ/両親リョウシン
q. 家族
r. モデル
s. 友達、友人
t. 芸者
u. 女の子
v. 彼女
w. コギャル
x. 高校生
y. 日本美人
z. 日本人
c. If you want to say soccer player or baseball player, say the name of the sport before the word "senshu." For example, "soccer senshu" for soccer player.
Photographic subjects 2 (People 2)
a. married couple/newlyweds
b. mistress (lover)
c. people
d. photographer
e. policeman/police box/the police
f. politician
g. pop idol
h. professor (college)
i. singer
j. sister, older/younger
k. stranger
l. student
m. sumo wrestler
n. sweetheart
o. teacher
p. white-collar company worker
q. wife/husband
r. women
s. woman in kimono
t. woman in swimsuit
Shashin hishatai 2
a. fūfu/shinkon-san
b. aijin
c. jinbutsu
d. shashinka, <-
e. omawari-san/kōban/keisatsu
f. seijika
g. idol
h. kyōju
i. kashu
j. ane/imōto
k. shiranai hito
l. seito
m. sumōtori, osumō-san
n. koibito
o. sensei
p. salary man
q. tsuma, okusan/otto, danna
r. josei
s. kimono-sugata no josei
t. mizugi-sugata no josei
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 2
a. 夫婦/新婚さん
b. 愛人
c. 人物
d. 写真家、カメラマン
e. お巡マワりさん/交番コウバン/警察ケイサツ
f. 政治家
g. アイドル
h. 教授
i. 歌手
j. 姉/妹
k. 知らない人
l. 生徒
m. 相撲取り、お相撲スモウさん
n. 恋人
o. 先生
p. サラリーマン
q. 妻、奥さん/夫、旦那
r. 女性
s. 着物姿の女性
t. 水着姿の女性
l. This usually refers to students younger than college age. See also college student and high school student.

p. Usually a businessman in a coat and tie.

s. If she's wearing a yukata, say yukata-sugata no josei 浴衣Compiled by Philbert Ono atユカタ姿スガタの女性ジョセイ.
Photographic subjects 3 (Objects 1)
a. airplane
b. boat/ship/ferry
c. bronze statue
d. buddha statue
e. buildings/architecture
f. bullet train
g. car
h. castle/castle donjon
i. church
j. clouds
k. festival
l. fireworks
m. house
Shashin hishatai 3
a. hikōki
b. boat/fune/ferry
c. bronze-zō
d. butsuzō
e. tatemono/kenchiku
f. shinkansen
g. kuruma
h. shiro/tenshukaku
i. kyōkai
j. kumo
k. omatsuri
l. hanabi
m. ie
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 3(物)
a. 飛行機
b. ボート/船/フェリー
c. ブロンズ像
d. 仏像
e. 建物/建築
f. 新幹線
g. 車
h. 城/天守閣
i. 教会
j. 雲
k. お祭り
l. 花火
m. 家
Photographic subjects 4 (Objects 2)
a. monument (stone/concrete)
b. mountain
c. pagoda (5-storied)
d. products
e. roof tiles
f. shrine
g. sky
h. still lifes
i. stone buddha
j. sunrise
k. sunset
l. temple
m. thatched roof
n. torii
o. train
p. volcano
Shashin hishatai 4
a. ki'nen-hi
b. yama
c. gojū no tō
d. shōhin
e. kawara
f. jinja
g. sora
h. seibutsu
i. sekibutsu
j. hinode
k. yūhi
l. otera
m. kayabuki yane
n. torii
o. densha
p. kazan
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 4(物2)
a. 記念碑
b. 山
c. 五重塔
d. 商品
e. 瓦
f. 神社
g. 空
h. 静物
i. 石仏
j. 日の出
k. 夕日
l. お寺
m. かや葺き屋根
n. 鳥居
o. 電車
p. 火山
c. Three-storied pagoda: Sanjū no tō 三重の塔
Photographic subjects 5 (Nature)
a. animals/wildlife
b. autumn leaves
c. bamboo
d. bird
e. cat
f. coral reef
g. dog
h. dragonfly
i. endangered species
j. fireflies
k. fish
l. flowers (azaleas/cherry blossoms/irises/plum blossoms)
m. food
n. fruits
o. greenery
p. insects
q. monkey
r. nature
s. panda
t. pine tree
u. rain/snow/sunny/wind
w. snake
x. whale
Shashin hishatai 5
a. dōbutsu/yasei dōbutsu
b. kōyō
c. take
d. tori
e. neko
f. sango-sho
g. inu
h. tonbo
i. zetsumetsu kigushu
j. hotaru
k. sakana
l. hana (tsutsuji/sakura/shōbu/ume)
m. ryōri
n. kudamono
o. midori
p. konchū
q. saru
r. shizen
s. panda
t. matsu no ki
u. ame/yuki/hare/kaze
w. hebi
x. kujira
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 5(ネイチャー)
a. 動物/野生動物
b. 紅葉
c. 竹
d. 鳥
e. 猫
f. サンゴ礁
g. 犬
h. トンボ
i. 絶滅危ぐ種
j. ホタル
k. 魚
l. 花(ツツジ/桜/菖蒲/梅)
n. 果物
o. 緑
p. 昆虫
q. 猿
r. 自然
s. パンダ
t. 松の木
u. 雨アメ/雪ユキ/晴Compiled by Philbert Ono atハれ/風カゼ
v. 四季シキ/春ハル/夏Compiled by Philbert Ono atナツ/秋アキ/冬フユ
w. ヘビ
x. クジラ
s. One popular phrase is shōchikubai 松竹梅 (pine, bamboo, and plum).
Photographic subjects 6 (Places 1)
a. airport
b. all prefectures of Japan
c. amusement park
d. aquarium
e. beach/coastal road/sandy beach
f. bridge
g. bronze statue
h. bus stop
i. canal
j. castle ruins
k. cavern/cave
l. cemetery/grave
m. class reunion
n. company
o. company trip
p. coral reef
q. desert
r. domestic trip
s. ferris wheel
t. festival
u. field (dry)
v. forest
w. New Year's holidays/winter vacation
x. spring vacation/Golden Week
y. summer vacation
z. weekend/national holiday/consecutive holidays (i.e. 3-day weekend)
Shashin hishatai 6
a. kūkō
b. Zen-todōfuken
c. yūenchi
d. suizoku-kan
e. kaigan/kaigan dōro/sunahama
f. hashi
g. bronze-zō
h. bus-tei
i. unga
j. jōseki
k. dōkutsu
l. bochi/ohaka
m. dōsōkai
n. kaisha
o. shanai ryokō
p. sango-shō
q. sabaku
r. kokunai no ryokō
s. kanransha
t. omatsuri
u. hatake
v. hayashi
w. Oshōgatsu /fuyu yasumi
x. haru yasumi/Golden Week
y. natsu yasumi/Obon yasumi
z. shūmatsu/saijitsu/renkyū
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 6(所1)
a. 空港
b. 全都道府県
c. 遊園地
d. 水族館
e. 海岸/海岸道路/砂浜
f. 橋
g. ブロンズ像
h. バス停
i. 運河
j. 城跡
k. 洞穴
l. 墓地/お墓
m. 同窓会
n. 会社
o. 社内旅行
p. 珊瑚礁
q. 砂漠
r. 国内の旅行
s. 観覧車
t. お祭り
u. 畑
v. 林
w. お正月/冬休み
x. 春休み/ゴルデンウィーク
y. 夏休み/お盆休み
z. 週末/祭日/連休
b. There are 47 prefectures in Japan.

l. Ohaka-mairi: Going to a grave to give offerings and prayers.

x. Golden Week is a string of national holidays in late April to early May. Synonymous with spring vacation.

y. Obon is the Buddhist belief where deceased souls return to Earth and Bon dances are held to greet them. It is also a time when people visit ancestral graves. Synonymous with summer vacation for most working people.

Photographic subjects 7 (Places 2)
a. Garden Trio of Japan
b. harbor (port)
c. hot spring
d. Imperial Palace
e. island
f. Japan
g. Japanese garden
h. lake/lakeside road
i. Lake Biwa
j. landscapes/scenery
k. lighthouse
l. marine/underwater
m. mountain/summit
n. Mt. Fuji/sunrise on Mt. Fuji
o. national park
p. ocean
q. office
r. overseas trip
s. Pacific Ocean
t. park
u. peninsula
v. pier
w. police box
x. pond
y. pool (swimming)
Shashin hishatai 7
a. Nihon San Kōen
b. minato
c. onsen
d. Kōkyo
e. shima
f. Nihon
g. Nihon teien
h. ko/kogan dōro
i. Biwa-ko
j. fūkei
k. tōdai
l. suichū
m. yama/chōjō
n. Fuji-san/Fuji-san no hinode
o. kokuritsu kōen
p. umi
q. <-
r. kaigai ryokō
s. taiheiyō
t. kōen
u. hantō
v. sanbashi
w. kōban
x. ike
y. <-
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 7(所2)
a. 日本三公園(偕楽園、兼六園、後楽園)
b. 湾
c. 温泉
d. 皇居
e. 島
f. 日本
g. 日本庭園
h. 湖/湖岸道路
i. 琵琶湖
j. 風景
k. 灯台
l. 水中
m. 山/頂上
n. 富士山ヤマ/富士山の日の出
o. 国立公園
p. 海
q. オフィス
r. 海外旅行
s. 太平洋
t. 公園
u. 半島
v. 桟橋
w. 交番
x. 池
y. プール
a. The three gardens said to be the most beautiful in Japan: Kairakuen in Mito, Ibaraki; Kenrokuen in Kanazawa, Ishikawa; and Kōrakuen in Okayama. Also see Scenic Trio of Japan.

c. The baths at some hot spring inns in Japan might just be heated tap water mixed with bath salts. (Scandal uncovered in 2004.) Beware!

d. Where the Emperor and Empress of Japan lives.

i. Japan's largest lake located in Shiga Prefecture.
Photographic subjects 8 (Places 3)
a. rice paddy
b. river
c. road
d. sand dunes
e. scenic lookout
f. Scenic Trio of Japan
g. school trip
h. school/classroom
i. Seto Inland Sea
j. shopping street
k. shrine
l. ski grounds
m. snow country
n. street corner
o. subway
p. temple
q. tourist information desk
r. traffic intersection/traffic light
s. train station
t. valley
u. village
v. volcano
w. water fountain
x. waterfall
y. World Heritage site
z. zoo
Shashin hishatai 8
a. tanbo
b. kawa
c. michi
d. sakyū
e. tenbōdai
f. Nihon Sankei
g. shūgaku ryokō
h. gakkō/kyōshitsu
i. Seto Naikai
j. shōtengai
k. jinja
l. ski-jō
m. yukiguni
n. machikado
o. chikatetsu
p. otera
q. kankō annai
r. kōsaten/shingō
s. eki
t. tani
u. mura
v. kazan
w. funsui
x. taki
y. Sekai Isan Chiiki
z. dōbutsu'en
写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン被写体ヒシャタイ 8(所3)
a. たんぼ
b. 川
c. 道
d. 砂丘
e. 展望台
f. 日本三景(松島、宮島、天橋立)
g. 修学旅行
h. 学校/教室
i. 瀬戸内海
j. 商店街
k. 神社
l. スキー場
m. 雪国
n. 街角
o. 地下鉄
p. お寺
q. 観光Compiled by Philbert Ono at案内
r. 交差点/信号
t. 谷
u. 村
v. 火山
w. 噴水
x. 滝
y. 世界遺産地域
z. 動物園
d. Tottori Prefecture has the most famous sand dunes in Japan.

f. The three landscapes said to be the most beautiful in Japan: Matsushima in Sendai, Miyagi; Miyajima in Hiroshima; and Amanohashidate in northern Kyoto.

y. See the list of sites in Japan:
photographic technique shashin gijutsu, shashin technique, shashin gihō 写真技術Compiled by Philbert Ono atギジュツ、写真テクニック、写真技法
photographic terminology shashin yōgo 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン用語 Dictionary of photo terminology: Shashin yogo jiten
photographic terminology list shashin yōgo-shū 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン用語集シュウ What you are looking at now. Compiled by Philbert Ono at
photography department (college) shashin gakka 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン学科ガッカ
photography department (in company) shashin-bu 写真部
photography major (college) shashin senkō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン専攻センコウ
photography organization shashin kankei dantai 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン関係シンカンケイ団体ダンタイ
photography prohibited satsuei kinshi 撮影禁止 Image here.
photography school See photo school.
photography world shashin-kai 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシンカイカイ
photography-related shashin kankei 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン関係カンケイ
photogravure <- フォトグラビエール、銅版画技法
photojournalist <- フォトジャーナリスト
photo-realism realism shashin リアリズム写真
photo-sensitive materials shashin kankō zairyō 写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン感光カンコウ材料ザイリョウ
PictBridge PictBridge PictBridge
pictorialism <- ピクトリアリズム
picture shashin, e 写真、絵 When you want to refer to "photograph," say "shashin." If it is a painting or drawing, say "e." If it's a movie, say "eiga."
picture bride shashin hanayome 写真花嫁 From 1908 and 1924, about 20,000 Japanese and Okinawan women immigrated to Hawaii as "picture brides." The arranged marriages were based only on photographs of the groom and bride who had never met.
picture frame gaku-buchi Compiled by Philbert Ono atガクフチ
picture postcard e-hagaki Compiled by Philbert Ono atエはがき This view looks like a picture postcard!: E-hagaki mitai!
pigment ink ganryō ink 顔料インク
pinhole camera <-, hari-ana shashin-ki ピンホールカメラ、針穴写真機
pinup photo pinup shashin ピンナップ写真
pixel gaso, <- 画素、ピクセル 6.3 megapixels: roppyaku-man gaso 630万画素
pixel count gaso-sū 画素数
pixelation See aliasing.
plain paper futsū-shi 普通Compiled by Philbert Ono atフツウカミ
plain salted paper See salted paper. Vintage photos.
platinum/palladium printing platinum/palladium inga-hō プラチナ/パラジウム印画法
playback (an image) saisei suru 再生Compiled by Philbert Ono atサイセイする
Playback button saisei button 再生Compiled by Philbert Ono atサイセイボタン
point of focus pinto ichi ピント位置Compiled by Philbert Ono atイチ
point-and-shoot camera See Camera types.
polarizing filter henkō filter  偏光フィルター、PLフィルター
polecat pole ポール
popular model/product ninki model/seihin 人気Compiled by Philbert Ono atニンキモデル/製品セイヒン
popular spot for picture-taking shashin satsuei no ninki spot 写真撮影の人気Compiled by Philbert Ono atニンキスポット
pornographic picture porno shashin ポルノ写真
portfolio (of photos) <- ポートフォリオ
portrait <- ポートレート
portrait rights shōzō-ken 肖像Compiled by Philbert Ono atショウゾウケン Rights to one's likeness.
portrait studio shashin-kan, eigyō shashin-kan 写真館、営業Compiled by Philbert Ono atエイギョウ写真館シャシンカン See also photo studio.
portraiture shōzō shashin, portrait 肖像写真、ポートレート
pose pōzu ポーズ
post-processing ato shori 後処理
power cord dengen cord 電源Compiled by Philbert Ono atデンゲンコード
power source dengen 電源Compiled by Philbert Ono atデンゲン
power supply (for studio flash) jene ジェネ Abbreviation for "generator."
predictive AF dōtai yosoku AF 動体予測AF
press (button, etc.) osu Compiled by Philbert Ono atオ
press club kisha club 記者クラブ
press conference kisha kaiken 記者会見
press photographer hōdō cameraman 報道カメラマン
press photography hōdō shashin 報道写真 See also Photographic fields.
press shutter button halfway han-oshi 半押し
press the shutter button shutter o osu シャッターを押す
previous model (camera) jūrai model 従来モデル
prime lens jōyō lens 常用レンズ
print (an image, document, etc.) insatsu suru 印刷Compiled by Philbert Ono atインサツする
print sizes See Paper sizes.
print/negative film See Film types.
printer ink(s) <- プリンターインク
printing out paper yakidashi ingashi Compiled by Philbert Ono atヤき出し印画紙インガシ Vintage photos.
printing quality (inkjet) insatsu hinshitsu 印刷品質
pro photographer pro cameraman プロカメラマン
processing parameters (image processing by the camera) genzō parameter 現像パラメーター
product information seihin jōhō 製品Compiled by Philbert Ono atセイヒン情報ジョウホウ
product photography butsu-dori ブツ撮り
professional film See Film types.
profile (of face) <-, yoko-kao プロフィール、横顔
pubic hair hair ヘア Must be used in context.
publish a photo shashin o keisai suru 写真を掲載する
pull-processing genkan 減感
push/pull by 1/2/3 stops  ichidan/nidan/sandan 一段/二段/三Compiled by Philbert Ono atサンダン
push-processing zōkan 増感

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