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Last updated: 2005-06-18

Compiled and written by Philbert Ono

What's this? List of photography-related words in English and Japanese. The Main List has 1100+ words (click on the alphabet links). Many of the words are also categorized in separate lists (General, Camera, etc.). Meanwhile, the J-E List is a separate Japanese-to-English list of essential words not included in the Main List. And Signs is a photo gallery of Japanese signs explained in English.

Note: If the Japanese term contains an English word, the English word is spelled in normal English in the romanization. This is for easier recognition and maybe easier pronunciation and understanding. If the Japanese term is identical to the Engiish, a left arrow <- is displayed (you still have to pronounce it in the Japanese katakana way). Macrons are provided to indicate long vowel sounds. Credits here.

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lab/photofinisher rabo, DPE-ya ラボ、DPE屋Compiled by Philbert Ono atヤ
lamination (of photo) laminate kakō ラミネート加工
landscape photography fūkei shashin 風景写真 See also Photographic fields.
landscapes fūkei 風景Compiled by Philbert Ono atフウケイ See also Photographic subjects.
language gengo 言語Compiled by Philbert Ono atゲンゴ
large-format cameras ōgata camera, ōban camera 大型カメラ、大判カメラ
latent image senzō 潜像
latest photograph saishin no shashin 最新の写真
LCD monitor ekishō monitor 液晶Compiled by Philbert Ono atエキショウモニター Usually on the camera back to display the image.
LCD monitor hood ekishō hood 液晶Compiled by Philbert Ono atエキショウフード Makes the monitor easier to see outdoors in daylight.
LCD panel ekishō panel, hyōji panel 液晶パネル、表示パネル Displays shooting information.
LCD projector ekishō projector 液晶Compiled by Philbert Ono atエキショウプロジェクター
LED (light-emitting diode) <-, hakkō diode LED, 発光ダイオード
lens <- レンズ
lens aberration shūsa 収差
lens barrel kyōdō 鏡筒
lens cap <- レンズキャップ
lens cleaner <- レンズクリーナー
lens construction
Ex.: 17 elements in 13 groups
lens kōsei
Ex.: 13-gun/17-mai
Ex.: 13群17枚
The Japanese reverses the groups/elements order.
lens crop factor sanjūgo miri format kansan 35mmフォーマット換算
lens element tama Compiled by Philbert Ono atタマ
lens focal length See focal length.
lens hood <- レンズフード
lens mount <- レンズマウント
Lens types
a. fish-eye lens
b. wide-angle lens
c. normal lens
d. telephoto lens
e. super telephoto lens
f. zoom lens
g. single focal-length lens
h. AF lens
i. MF lens
j. aspherical lens
k. interchangeable lens
l. tilt-and-shift lens
Lens no shurui
a. gyōgan lens
b. kōkaku lens
c. hyōjun lens
d. bōen lens
e. chō-bōen lens
f. <-
g. tan-shōten lens
h. <-
i. <-
j. hikyūmen lens
k. kōkan lens
l. TS lens
レンズの種類Compiled by Philbert Ono atシュルイ
a. 魚眼レンズ
b. 広角レンズ
c. 標準レンズ
d. 望遠レンズ
e. 超チョウオンパ望遠レンズ
f. ズームレンズ
g. 単焦点レンズ
h. AFレンズ
i. MFレンズ
j. 非球面レンズ
k. 交換レンズ
l. TSレンズ
If it's a zoom lens, just insert the word "zoom" in front of "lens." For example, for telephoto zoom lens: bōen zoom lens.
light (see also lighting) <- ライト
light box <-, light table ライトボックス、ライトテーブル
light falloff at edges shūhen kōryō ochi 周辺光量落ち
light meter See exposure meter.
light source kōgen 光源
lightfastness taikōsei 耐光性
lighting shōmei 照明
lith film <- リスフィルム
lithium battery See Battery types.
location search (for shooting) roke-han ロケハン
location shoot shutchō satsuei 出張Compiled by Philbert Ono atシュッチョウ撮影サツエイ To shoot where the client wants (school, company, etc.)
loupe <- ルーペ
low angle <- ローアングル
low-pass filter <- ローパスフィルター
low-speed film (ISO 50 and lower) tei-kando film 低感度フィルム

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