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Last updated: 2007-04-05

Compiled and written by Philbert Ono

What's this? List of photography-related words in English and Japanese. The Main List has 1100+ words (click on the alphabet links). Many of the words are also categorized in separate lists (General, Camera, etc.). Meanwhile, the J-E List is a separate Japanese-to-English list of essential words not included in the Main List. And Signs is a photo gallery of Japanese signs explained in English.

Note: If the Japanese term contains an English word, the English word is spelled in normal English in the romanization. This is for easier recognition and maybe easier pronunciation and understanding. If the Japanese term is identical to the Engiish, a left arrow <- is displayed (you still have to pronounce it in the Japanese katakana way). Macrons are provided to indicate long vowel sounds. Credits here.

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back focal distance bakku focus バックフォーカス  
back shot (of person) ushiro sugata 後ろ姿  
backdrop (in photo studio) horizonto ホリゾント
background (behind subject) haikei, back 背景、バック
background blur boke-aji ボケ味 Nice background blur: Utsukushii boke-aji. Usually applies to outdoor portraits.
background light <- バックグラウンドライト This is the light that illuminates the background paper, etc., in a photo studio.
background paper (roll) back-shi, horizonto, back paper バック紙、ホリゾント、バックペーパー This is usually supported by two pole cats in a photo studio.
backlight gyakkō 逆光 This is a light source located behind the subject.
boke/bokeh boke-aji ボケ味 One of the rare Japanese words to be incorporated in the English language. It refers to the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light. Depending on the lens aberrations, the out-of-focus quality looks different.
battery charger <- バッテリーチャージャー
Battery types
a. Size AA
b. Size AAA
c. Size C
d. Size D
e. Alkaline battery
f. Rechargeable battery
g. NiCd/Nicad battery
h. Lithium battery
i. Ni-MH battery
j. High-voltage battery pack
k. Dry battery
Denchi no shurui
a. Tansan-gata denchi
b. Tanyon-gata denchi
c. Tan-ni-gata denchi
d. Tan-ichi-gata denchi
e. Arukari kandenchi
f. Jūden-shiki denchi
g. Nikkado/Nikado denchi
h. Richiumu denchi
i. Nickel suisō denchi
j. Sekisō kandenchi
k. Kan denchi
a. 単3形電池
b. 単4形電池
c. 単2形電池
d. 単1形電池
e. アルカリ乾電池
f. 充電式電池
g. ニッカド/ニカド電池
h. リチウム電池
i. ニッケル水素電池
j. 積層乾電池
k. 乾電池
The "size A to D" designations are American English. It might be different in Europe and other countries.
battery(ies) denchi 電池
beginner (photographer) shoshinsha 初心者
bellows jabara 蛇腹
birds (wild) yachō 野鳥 See also Photographic subjects
black kuro
black-and-white film shiro-kuro film, monokuro film 黒白フィルム、モノクロ フィルム
black-and-white photography shiro-kuro shashin, monokuro shashin 黒白写真、モノクローム写真
blinked (eyes) Me tsuburi 目つぶり I blinked my eyes!: Me o tsubuchatta! 目をつぶっちゃった!
blocks/cubes (studio prop) saikoro サイコロ
blow-up See enlarged photo.  
blower <- ブロワー
blower brush <- ブロワーブラシ
blue ao 青、ブルー
blurred (photo) burete iru ぶれている Caused by camera shake or a slow shutter speed. This does not refer to being out of focus.
book hon
bookstore honya 本屋
botched shot satsuei miss 撮影ミス
bridal/wedding photography konrei shashin 婚礼写真 See also Photographic fields.
bright akarui 明るい Brightness: akarusa 明るさ
buffer buffer, buffer memory バッファ、バッファメモリー
built-in flash naizō flash 内蔵ストロボ Also see external flash.
bulb (long exposures) bulb satsuei バルブ撮影
bulk film nagamaki, bulk film, bulk roll, chōjaku film, kanzume film 長巻、バルクフィルム、バルクロール、長尺フィルム、缶詰フィルム Kanzume film literally means "canned film" (like tuna).
bulk film loader bulk loader バルクローダー
bundled items (with camera) dōkon-hin, fuzoku-hin  同梱品、付属品 There is also "shohin kōsei" 商品構成 which means "what's in the box."
burn in (an image on a print) yaki-komi 焼き込み See also dodge.
business card meishi 名刺
*直訳してname cardと呼ぶ日本人が多いけど、business cardが正解。でも"name card"でも通じる。
Many Japanese call it "name card" in English, a literal translation.
business card size meishi size 名刺サイズ Also see Paper sizes.

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