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Last updated: 2005-06-18

Compiled and written by Philbert Ono

What's this? List of photography-related words in English and Japanese. The Main List has 1100+ words (click on the alphabet links). Many of the words are also categorized in separate lists (General, Camera, etc.). Meanwhile, the J-E List is a separate Japanese-to-English list of essential words not included in the Main List. And Signs is a photo gallery of Japanese signs explained in English.

Note: If the Japanese term contains an English word, the English word is spelled in normal English in the romanization. This is for easier recognition and maybe easier pronunciation and understanding. If the Japanese term is identical to the Engiish, a left arrow <- is displayed (you still have to pronounce it in the Japanese katakana way). Macrons are provided to indicate long vowel sounds. Credits here.

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Camera Words
35mm format equivalent (focal length) sanjū-go miri format kansan 35mmフォーマット換算 Also called "crop factor" in English.
35mm-format camera See Camera types.
accessory shoe <- アクセサリーシュー Some camera makers (like Canon) still call a hot shoe an accessory shoe. A hot shoe has flash-sync contacts whereas an accessory shoe does not. 
A-DEP (automatic depth-of-field priority AE) jidō shindo yūsen AE 自動深度優先AE
AE lock <- AEロック
AEB (auto bracketing) <- オートブラケッティング
AF (autofocus) AF AF
AF mode <- AFモード
AF-assist beam/light AF hojokō AF補助光 The Japanese term does not distinguish between a beam, light, or small flashes. If you're translating this into English, you will have to find out which.
angle of view 画角 Usually expressed as the lens focal length.
antique camera See classic camera.
aperture shibori 絞り Maximum aperture: kaiho shibori 開放絞り
aperture-priority AE shibori-yūsen AE 絞り優先AE
auto bracketing AEB オートブラケッティング
auto white balance <- オートホワイトバランス
autofocus <- オートフォーカス
autofocus cameras <- AFカメラ
automatic exposure/autoexposure AE, jidō roshutsu AE, 自動露出
Av See aperture-priority AE. Abbreviation for "Aperture value." Commonly used on camera dials, especially Canon. Nikon just uses "A."
built-in flash naizō flash 内蔵ストロボ Also see external flash.
bulb (long exposures) bulb satsuei バルブ撮影
bundled items (with camera) dōkon-hin, fuzoku-hin  同梱品、付属品 There is also "shohin kōsei" 商品構成 which means "what's in the box."
camcorder video camera ビデオカメラ The word "camcorder" never caught on in Japan.
camera <-, shashin-ki カメラ、写真機 "Shashin-ki" is somewhat archaic. Older-generation Japanese might say it.
camera body <-, camera hontai カメラボディ、カメラ本体
camera equipment camera kizai カメラ機材
camera industry camera gyōkai カメラ業界
camera instruction manual setsumei-sho, shiyō setsumeisho, toriatsukai setsumeisho 説明書、使用説明書、取扱説明書 English manual: Eigo-ban no setsumei-sho. 英語版の説明書
camera manufacturer camera maker カメラメーカー
camera museum camera hakubutsukan カメラ博物館
camera phone  camera-tsuki keitai denwa カメラ付Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgCompiled by Philbert Ono atツき携帯Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgケイタイ電話Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgデンワ
*国内Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgコクナイで"camera-equipped cell phone"と直訳Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgCompiled by Philbert Ono atチョクヤクされることもよくあるけど、欧米Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgオウベイでは"camera phone"と定着Compiled by Philbert Ono at photojpn.orgテイチャクしている。
Camera phones are enormously popular in Japan enabling picture-taking on an unprecedented mass scale. Most cell phones sold in Japan are equipped with a camera. They are the main reason for slumping sales of single-use cameras.
Also see cell phone.
camera repair camera no shuri カメラの修理
camera shop camera-ya, shashin-ya カメラ屋、写真屋
Camera types
a. 35mm-format camera
b. camera phone
c. classic camera
d. compact camera
e. compact digital camera
f. digital camera
g. digital SLR camera
h. disposable/single-use camera
i. entry-level model
j. film camera
k. half-frame camera
l. high-end model
m. large-format camera
n. medium-format camera
o. point-and-shoot camera
p. rangefinder camera
q. SLR camera
r. still camera
s. top-of-the-line camera
t. twin-lens reflex camera
u. underwater camera
v. used camera
w. view camera
Camera no shurui
a. sanjū-go miri-ban camera
b. camera-tsuki keitai denwa
c. kura-kame, <-
d. <-
e. <-
f. deji-kame, <-
g. D-SLR, digital ichigan-refu camera
h. tsukai-sute camera, lens-tsuki film, tsukai-kiri camera
i. entry model, entry-ki, fukyū-ki
j. <-, gin-en camera
k. half-size camera
l. high-end-ki, jōi model
m. ōgata (or ōban) camera
n. chūgata (or chūban) camera
o. See compact camera.
p. kyorikei rendō camera, <-
q. ichigan-refu, SLR
r. <-
s. saijōi kishu
t. nigan-refu camera
u. suichū kamera
v. chūko camera
w. <-, ōgata camera
a. 35mm判カメラ
b. カメラ付き携帯電話
c. クラカメ、クラシックカメラ
d. コンパクトカメラ
e. コンパクトデジタルカメラ
f. デジカメ、デジタルカメラ
g. デジタル一眼レフカメラ
h. 使い捨てカメラ、レンズ付きフィルム、使いきりカメラ
i. エントリーモデル、エントリー機、普及機
j. フィルムカメラ 、銀塩カメラ
k. ハーフ・サイズ・カメラ
l. ハイエンド機、上位モデル
m. 大型カメラ、大判カメラ
n. 中判カメラ、中型カメラ
o. コンパクトカメラ
p. 距離計連動カメラ、レンジファインダーカメラ
q. 一眼レフカメラ
r. スチルカメラ
s. 最上位機種
t. 二眼レフカメラ
u. 水中カメラ
v. 中古カメラ
w. ビューカメラ、大型カメラ
See also Film formats.
camera with interchangeable lenses lens kōkan-shiki camera レンズ交換式カメラ
center-weighted average metering chūō jūten heikin sokkō 中央重点平均測光
centerweighted metering chūō jūten sokkō 中央重点測光
CLA (clean-lube-adjust) overhaul オーバーホール Camera repair.
classic camera kura-kame, <- クラカメ、クラシックカメラ
closest focusing distance saitan satsuei kyori 最短撮影距離
compact camera <- コンパクトカメラ What they call "point-and-shoot camera" in the US is just "compact camera" in Japan. You may also hear the term "bakachon camera" (バカチョンカメラ) which implies a cheap and simple compact camera.
continuous shooting speed renzoku shashin sokudo 連続撮影速度 See also maximum burst.
custom functions custom kinō カスタム機能
custom-made/special camera tokusei kamera 特製カメラ
Daguerreotype <-, ginpan shashin ダゲレオタイプ、銀板写真
depth-of-field preview button shibori-komi button 絞り込みボタン
dimensions (size) gaikei sunpō 外形寸法 Width: haba, length: nagasa, depth: okuyuki, height: takasa
diopter shido 視度、ディオプター
dioptric correction/adjustment shido chōsei 視度調整
display panel hyōji panel 表示パネル Usually on the camera top to display shooting information.
disposable camera See single-use camera. In Japan, "single-use camera" or "film with lens" is the preferred term since the cameras are recycled.
electronic contacts setten 接点 Namely, on the lens mount.
endoscope naishikyō camera 内視鏡カメラ
entry-level model entry model, entry-ki, fukyū-ki エントリーモデル、エントリー機、普及機
evaluative metering hyōka sokkō 評価測光
exposure level indicator roshutsu level hyōji 露出レベル表示 A scale indicating the exposure compensation setting, etc.
exposure meter roshutsu-kei 露出計
exposure value (EV) roshutsu-chi 露出値
Eye Control AF shisen nyūryoku AF 視線入力AF Canon terminology. The English is actually grammatically wrong. Should be "Eye-Controlled AF" but it sounds more cumbersome.
eyepoint <- アイポイント
f/stop f-nanbaa, f-chi F値/Fナンバー
features/functions (of product) kinō 機能
film advance film maki-age フィルム巻き上げ
film camera <-, gin-en camera フィルムカメラ 、銀塩カメラ
film rewind film maki-modoshi フィルム巻き戻し
film scanner <- フィルムスキャナ
flange focal distance flange back フランジバック Some camera makers are using the term "flange back" for the English.
focal-plane shutter <- フォーカルプレンシャッター
focus pinto, pinto-awase ピント、ピント合わせ  In focus: pinto atteiru ピント合っている
focus lock <- フォーカスロック
focusing cloth (large-format camera) kaburi かぶり
focusing frame (in viewfinder) AF frame AFフレーム
focusing point (in viewfinder) AF frame, sokkyo-ten AFフレーム、測距点
focusing screen <- フォーカシングスクリーン
frame counter film counter フィルムカウンター This applies only to film cameras.
frames per second koma/byō コマ/秒 This is for renzoku satsuei sokudo 連続撮影速度 or continuous shooting speed. Since "frames" originally refers to pictures on film, "shots per second" might be more suitable for digital camera shooting. However, the word "koma" (frames) continues to be used even for digital cameras.
fully automatic zen-jidō 全自動
half-frame camera half-size camera ハーフ・サイズ・カメラ
half-silvered mirror half mirror ハーフミラー The percentage of transmittance/reflectance is also usually mentioned.
half-stop increments handan step 1/2段ステップ Whole-stop increments: Ichi-dan step. 1段ステップ
hidden camera kakushi kamera  隠しカメラ
high-end model high-end-ki, jōi model ハイエンド機、上位モデル
hot shoe <- ホットシュー Note the difference with "accessory shoe."
image circle <- イメージサークル
large-format cameras ōgata camera, ōban camera 大型カメラ、大判カメラ
LCD panel ekishō panel, hyōji panel 液晶パネル、表示パネル Displays shooting information.
LED (light-emitting diode) <-, hakkō diode LED, 発光ダイオード
malfunction koshō 故障
manual exposure manual roshutsu マニュアル露出
manual focus <- MF、マニュアルフォーカス
manual focus cameras <- MFカメラ
maximum aperture kaihō shibori 開放絞り Note that "maximum" refers to the largest opening, not the largest f/stop.
medium-format camera chūgata (or chūban) camera 中判カメラ、中型カメラ
metering mode sokkō hōshiki 測光方式
MF (manual focus) <- エムエフ
minimum aperture saishō shibori 最小絞り The smallest opening.
mirror lockup mirror up ミラーアップ
*これも和製英語です。英語ではmirror lockupが正解。
In your camera manual, "mirror lockup" might be mistranslated as "mirror up" since that's how they say it in Japanese. Complain to your camera maker and tell them to hire a better translator.
mirror/reflex mirror <- ミラー
model No. (of camera, etc.) kataban 型番
motor drive <-, mo-dora モータードライブ、モードラ
movie camera <- ムービーカメラ
multi-segment/zone metering ta-bunkatsu sokkō 多分割測光 Nikon says "multi-segment," and Canon "multi-zone."
new camera atarashii camera 新しいカメラ
new product shin-seihin 新製品
one-time use camera See single-use camera.
parallax <- パララックス
parallax correction parallax hosei パララックス補正
part (hardware) buhin 部品
partial metering bubun sokkō 部分測光
PC sync cord synchro cord シンクロコード
PC terminal (for flash) synchro tanshi シンクロ端子
pentaprism pentaprism ペンタプリズム
photo equipment shashin kizai, satsuei kizai 写真機材、撮影機材
photo gear See photo equipment.
pinhole camera <- ピンホールカメラ
point of focus pinto ichi ピント位置
point-and-shoot camera See camera types.
popular model/product ninki model/seihin 人気モデル/製品
predictive AF dōtai yosoku AF 動体予測AF
press (button, etc.) osu 押す
press shutter button halfway han-oshi 半押し
press the shutter button shutter o osu シャッターを押す
previous model (camera) jūrai model 従来モデル
product information seihin jōhō 製品情報
rangefinder camera kyorikei rendō camera, <- 距離計連動、レンジファインダーカメラ
remote control remo-kon リモコン "Remocon" can refer to the remote control unit or the remote control function.
repair shuri 修理
select (mode, etc.) erabu 選ぶ
self-timer <- セルフタイマー
set (a mode, etc.) settei suru 設定する
shooting mode (program, shutter priority, etc.) satsuei mode 撮影モード
shots per second See frames per second.
shutter <- シャッター
shutter button <- シャッターボタン
shutter button pressed completely zen-oshi 全押し
shutter curtains shutter maku シャッター幕
shutter speed shutter sokudo シャッター速度
shutter speed-priority AE shutter yūsen AE シャッター優先AE Same as Tv.
single-frame shooting ichimai satsuei, hito-koma satsuei 1枚撮影、1コマ撮影
single-use camera tsukai-sute camera, lens-tsuki film, tsukai-kiri camera 使い捨てカメラ、レンズ付きフィルム、使いきりカメラ It seems that the popular name for this is "disposable camera" in both Japan and America. However, the manufacturers prefer other names such as "single-use camera" and "film wth lens" because the cameras are recycled and not thrown away.
slow shutter speed slow shutter スローシャッター
SLR camera ichigan-refu 一眼レフカメラ
specifications (of camera, etc.) shiyō 仕様
stereo camera <- ステレオカメラ
still camera <- スチルカメラ
street price tentō kakaku 店頭価格
successor model (camera) kōkei kishu 後継機種
top shutter speed saikō shutter sokudo 最高シャッター速度
top-of-the-line product saijōi kishu 最上位機種
turn (dial, etc.) mawasu 回す
Tv (shutter speed-priority AE) <-, shutter-yūsen AE シャッター優先AE Abbreviation for "Time value" which refers to the shutter speed. Commonly used on camera dials, especially Canon. Nikon just uses "S."
twin-lens reflex camera nigan-refu camera 二眼レフカメラ
underwater camera suichū kamera 水中カメラ
underwater housing suichū housing, waterproof case 水中ハウジング、ウオータープルーフケース "Waterproof case" is for small cameras in shallow depths.
used camera chūko camera 中古カメラ
vertical-grip shutter button tate-ichiyō shutter button 縦位置用ヨウシャッターボタン
video camera <- ビデオカメラ
view camera <-, ōgata camera ビューカメラ、大型カメラ
viewfinder finder ファインダー
viewfinder coverage finder shiya-ritsu ファインダー視野率 
viewfinder eyepiece finder setsuganbu ファインダー接眼部
viewfinder information finder jōhō ファインダー情報
viewfinder magnification bairitsu 倍率
waist-level finder <- ウエストレベルファインダー
waterproof camera bōsui camera 防水カメラ 
water-resistant taisui 耐水 See also waterproof.
X-sync speed shinkuro sokudo シンクロ速度

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