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What's this? Basic Japanese phrases and vocabulary for the English-speaking photographer.

Last updated: October 3, 2004

Needless to say, a little language goes a long way. PhotoJapanese will someday (when it's finished) be another jewel in PhotoGuide Japan's crown. This page aims to help English-speaking photographers to better communicate in a variety of situations and settings in Japan.

You will find essential phrases and key words. Japanese equivalents are also included. If your computer cannot display Japanese, the Japanese portion will be gibberish. Just ignore it and read the English portions.

Taking Pictures - Phrases for taking pictures on the street.

Introduce yourself - Phrases for introducing yourself as a photographer.

Talking About Photos - Phrases when you are showing and looking at snapshots.

At the Camera Shop - Phrases for shopping at a camera shop.

At the Photofinisher - Phrases for developing film at the photofinisher or pro lab.

At the Bookstore - Phrases for buying books at a bookstore.

PhotoWords - Essential vocabulary for the photographer in Japan. NEW!

Home > PhotoJapanese | PhotoWords | Blog | Galleries | Photos

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