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Last updated: October 3, 2004

by Philbert Ono and Professor Naoomi Kuratani

What's this? Useful phrases when you are shopping at a camera shop. Key words are color-coded. There are four sections: Searching, Price Talk, Camera Talk, and At the Cashier. Also check out a list of basic shopping vocabulary here.

Excuse me, is there a camera store near here? Sumimasen, kono hen ni camera-ten ga arimasuka? すみません、この辺にカメラ店がありますか? "Sumimasen" is a very convenient and often-used expression.
Where is Yodobashi Camera? Yodobashi Camera wa doko desuka? ヨドバシカメラはどこですか? Substitute "Yodobashi Camera" with the name of any camera shop.
Welcome! (by salesperson) Irasshaimase! いらっしゃいませ! Often said by sales people.
Do you speak English? Eigo dekimasuka? 英語できますか?
Where are the SLR cameras? Ichigan refu wa doko desuka? 一眼レフはどこですか? Other camera types:

medium-format - Chugata kamera
large-format camera - Ooban kamera
compact camera - konpakuto kamera
APS camera - APS kamera

Also see "Camera types" at PhotoWords - C.

I want the Canon EOS-3 camera. Canon no EOS-3 ga hoshii desuga. キャノンのEOS−3がほしいのですが。
Do you have the Nikon F6 in stock? Nikon F6 wa arimasuka? ニコンF5はありますか? In Japan, Nikon is pronounced nee-KON, not nai-KON.
Do you have the English instruction booklet for this camera? Kono camera no Eigo-ban no setsumei-sho arimasuka? このカメラの英語版の説明書ありますか?
I also want to buy a flash unit. Sutorobo mo kaimasu. ストロボも買います。
Do you have a brochure for this product? Kore no pamphlet arimasuka? これのパンフレットありますか?
What time are you open until? Nanji made aite imasuka? 何時まで開いていますか?

Price Talk       
How much is it? Ikura desuka? いくらですか? If you cannot understand Japanese numbers, have the salesperson show you the price on his/her electronic calculator.
What's the discount price? Waribiki nedan wa ikura desuka? 割り引き値段はいくらですか?
What's the retail price? Teika wa ikura desuka? 定価はいくらですか? Often times, the retail price is set as an "open price" which means it is up to the retailer to set the price. Since there is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, we cannot know how much discount the retailer is giving us.
What percent discount can you give me? Nan-percent gurai hiite kuremasuka? 何パーセントぐらい引いてくれますか?
Is the consumption tax included (in the price quote)? Shohi-zei wa haitte imasuka? 消費税は入っていますか?
This price excludes the consumption tax. Shohi-zei betsu desu.


Zei-betsu desu.




How much is it including consumption tax? Zei-komi de ikura desuka? 税込みでいくらですか? In Japan, the consumption tax is a sales tax levied on all retail items. It is currently 5% of the product's price. The prices displayed in most stores now usually include the tax.
It is 150,000 yen including the consumption tax. Zei-komi de jugo-man desu. 税込みで150,000円です。
That's somewhat expensive. Chotto takai desu ne. ちょっと高いですね。
Can you make it cheaper? Motto yasuku dekimasuka? もっと安くできますか?
OK, I will think about it. Thanks. (Then you walk away.) Ja, kangaete okimasu. Arigato. じゃ、考えておきます。ありがとう。 If you are not happy with the price quote you receive, just walk away and say this phrase. The salesperson will usually chase after you and offer a better price. If the salesperson does not chase after you, it means he did give you the lowest price possible or the item you're buying is not that expensive.
Will you pay in cash? (asked by salesperson) Shiharai wa genkin desuka? 支払いは現金ですか? The salesperson will usually ask whether you will pay by cash or credit card. Expect a higher price quote if you pay by credit card.
I will pay in cash. Genkin de haraimasu. 現金で支払います。
I will pay with a credit card. Card de haraimasu. カードで払います。
Do you want to pay with a single installment (with a credit card)?

Or in multiple installments (with a credit card)?

Ikkatsu-barai de ii desuka?

Bunkatsu-barai ni shimasuka?



Are you going to buy it and take it home today? Kyo, omochi kaeri masuka? 今日、お持ち帰りですか? This is another question the salesperson often asks, especially for expensive items. Expect a higher price quote if you answer no.
How much is the total price (of all the items to be purchased)? Gokei wa ikura desuka? 合計はいくらですか?
OK, I'll take it. Ja, kore o onegai shimasu. じゃ、これお願いします。

Camera Talk    
Can I see a demo model? Demo-ki arimasuka? デモ機ありますか?
Can I see that camera in the showcase? Showcase ni aru camera o misete morai masuka? ショーケースにあるカメラを見せてもらいますか?
What type of batteries does it use? Donna denchi o tsukai masuka? どんな電池を使いますか?
How long is the warranty? Hosho kikan wa? 保証期間は?
The warranty is one year. Hosho kikan wa ichinen desu. 保証期間は一年です。
Is the warranty valid worldwide? Hosho wa sekaiju de yuuko desuka? 保証は世界中で有効ですか?
Is the warranty valid only in Japan? Hosho wa Nihon kokunai dake desuka? 保証は日本国内だけですか?
What's the difference between a Sigma lens and Canon EF lens? Sigma to Canon EF lens wa do chigai masuka? シグマとキヤノンEFレンズはどう違いますか?
Which (product) is better? Dotchi no ho ga ii desuka? どっちの方がいいですか?
Which one do you recommend? Dochira no ho ga ii desho ne? Color どちらのほうがいいでしょうね?
Does the camera come with a case? Case ga tsuite imasuka? ケースが付いていますか?
No, it's sold separately. Iie, betsu-uri desu. いいえ、別売りです。
What accessories come with this camera? Nani ga fuzoku accessory desuka? 何が付属アクセサリーですか?
This camera comes with a case and neck strap. Kono camera wa, case to strap ga tsuite imasu. このカメラは、ケースとストラップが付いています。
This camera is a good value for the money. Kono camera no cost-performance wa ii desu. このカメラのコストパフォーマンスはいいです。
Can I use infrared film with this camera? Kono camera wa sekigaisen film ga tsukae masuka? このカメラは赤外線フィルムが使えますか?

At the Cashier      
Where's the cashier? Reji wa doko desuka? レジはどこですか?
I'll pay with a credit card. Card de onegai shimasu. カードでお願いします。 Give your credit card to the cashier when saying this.
1. Do you have our discount point card?

2. Yes.

3. No, I forgot it.

4. No, but I want to apply for one.

5. Do you want to spend your discount points?

6. Yes, I want to use my discount points.

7. Do you want to save your discount points?

8. Yes, I want to save my discount points.

1. Point card motte imasuka?

2. Hai.

3. Wasure mashita.

4. Moshikomi tai desu.

5. Point o tsukai masuka?

6. Hai, tsukatte kudasai.

7. Point o tame masuka?

8. Hai, tamete kudasai.

1. ポイントカード持っていますか?

2. はい。

3. 忘れました。

4. 申し込みたいです。

5. ポイントを使いますか?

6. はい、使ってください。

7. ポイントを溜めますか?

8. はい、溜めてください。

If you have the store's discount card (called "point card"), you can earn points with each purchase and use the saved points for a discount on a future purchase. Read more about the point card here.
No bag please. Fukuro irimasen. いりません。
Sorry, I don't have enough money. Sumimasen, okane ga tarimasen. すみません、お金が足りません。
Sorry, I forgot my wallet. Sumimasen, saifu o wasure mashita. すみません、財布を忘れました。
Sorry, I don't want to buy this item (in the shopping cart). Sumimasen, kore wa irimasen. すみません、これはいりません。
Can I have a bag with handles? Tesage morai masuka? 手提げもらいますか?
Your credit card seems to be invalid. Please pay in cash. Kono card wa go-shiyo negaemasen. Genkin de onegai shimasu. このカードはご使用願えません。現金でお願いします。 This will happen if you failed to pay off your last credit card bill within the required time. The credit card company then freezes your account. This will also happen if you use a card reported to be stolen.
I want to return this item (that I bought). Kore o henpin shitai desu. これを返品したいです。
I want a refund for this. Henkin o onegai shimasu. 返金をお願いします。

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