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Last updated: July 16, 2000

by Philbert Ono and Professor Naoomi Kuratani

What's this? Useful phrases when you want to process film at a photofinisher or pro lab. Key words are color-coded. There are four sections: General, Processing Negative Film, Processing Slide Film, and Digital Imaging. Also check out a list of basic film/paper vocabulary here.

In Japan, you can have your film processed at many locations. Camera shops (large and small), 1-hour (or 30-min.) labs, pro labs, convenience stores, and even supermarkets offer film processing services. It usually costs 500 to 600 yen to develop a roll of 36-ex. color negative film and 0 to 35 yen per regular-size print.

Also, don't be fooled by shop signs advertising regular-size prints for 0 or 1 yen each. This price applies when you develop the film the first time, and the film developing cost is separate. So be sure to ask how much the film development price is.

Basic Stuff
Is there a photofinisher near here? DPE-ya-san wa chikaku ni arimasuka? DPE屋さんは近くにありますか。 You can also say genzosho or pro rabo (pro lab) for DPE-ya-san.
Where can I develop my film? Dokode film o genzo dekimasuka? どこでフィルムを現像できますか?
Where is the XX pro lab? XX rabo wa doko desuka? XXラボはどこですか。 Replace "XX" with the name of the pro lab.
I want to develop this film. Film genzo o onegai shimasu. フィルム現像をお願いします。
I want to develop this (negative) film and make prints. Doji print o onegai shimasu. 同時プリントをお願いします。 "Doji print" is a good term to remember. It means to develop the film and make prints at the same time.
I want to make reprints. Yakimashi o onegai shimasu. 焼き増しをお願いします。
How much will it cost? Ikura desuka? いくらですか?
When will it be ready? Itsu deki agari masuka? いつ出来上がりますか?
What time will it be ready? Nanji ni deki agari masuka? 何時に出来上がりますか?
What is your name and phone number? Namae to denwa bango onegai shimasu. 名前と電話番号お願いします。 Asked by the photofinisher.
My name is Smith and my phone number is 01-2345-56789. Namae wa Smith desu. Denwa bango wa 01-2345-6789. 名前はスミスです。電話番号は01-2345-6789.
Are my my prints ready? Deki agatte imasuka? できあがっていますか? Give your claim receipt when you say this.
I forgot my claim receipt. Hikikae ken o wasure mashita. 引換券を忘れました。

Processing Negative Film
I want to only develop this negative film (no prints). Genzo-nomi o onegai shimasu. 現像のみをおねがいします。
I want glossy, borderless prints. Kotaku fuchi nashi de onegai shimasu. 光沢縁なしでお願いします。
I want matte prints with borders. Kinume fuchi tsuki de onegai shimasu. 絹目縁付きでお願いします。
I want to make reprints. Yakimashi o onegai shimasu. 焼き増しをお願いします。
I want regular-size (L) prints. Service-ban o onegai shimasu.


L-size o onegai shimasu.




In Japan, a regular-size print usually measures about 12.5 x 9 cm (4.8 x 3.5 in.)
The quantity of reprints I want for each photo is marked on the sleeve. Maisu wa sleeve ni kaite imasu. 枚数はスリーブに書いています。
I want one print for each frame. Ichimai zutsu onegai shimasu. 一枚づつお願いします。 2 prints: nimai
3 prints: sanmai
4 prints: yonmai
5 prints: gomai
I want to make a reprint of this frame. Kono koma no yakimashi o onegai shimasu. このコマの焼き増しをお願いします。 Show the negative sheet or strip.
I want to make an 8x10-inch enlargement of this picture (or frame). Kore no muttsu-giri print o onegai shimasu.


Kore o mutsu-giri ni nobashitai.




Point to the frame on the negative when saying this phrase.

Other print sizes (see also "Paper sizes" at PhotoWords -P):

  • Regular-size prints: L-size (There is also E-size which is slightly smaller.)
  • Photo stickers: Shashin shiiru (seal) OR Shiiru print
  • photo postcard: Shashin hagaki
  • 5x7 in. (130x180mm) : Kyabine OR 2L (大キャビネ判)
  • 8x10 in. (203x254mm) : Mutsu-giri (六つ切)
  • 10x12 in.: Yotsu-giri (四つ切)
  • 14x17 in. (356x432mm): Hansetsu (半切)
  • 18x22 in. (457x560mm) : Zenshi (全紙)
I want to make New Year's photo postcards. Shashin-iri nengajo o onegai shimasu. 写真入り年賀状をお願いします。 All the major film makers offer photo postcards. You should look at their pamphlets that show sample designs and layouts which you can choose.

If it's not New Year's, just say shashin-iri hagaki (写真入りはがき)instead of shashin-iri nenga-jo.

I want to crop this picture like this (while showing a sample cropping). Kono yoni trimming o onegai shimasu. このようにトリミングをお願いします。 They use the word "trimming" to refer to "crop." Show a sample photo or draw the borders on the photo or negative.
Here is a sample print showing the color tones that I want. Kono shashin wa iro mihon desu. この写真は色見本です。
I want to make a contact print. Beta-yaki o onegai shimasu. ベタ焼きをお願いします。
This print came out too dark. Please make another print to correct it Kore wa kurasugimasu. Yari-naoshite kudasai. これは暗すぎます。やり直してください。
This print came out too light. Please make another print to correct it Kore wa akarusugimasu. Yari-naoshite kudasai. これは明るすぎます。やり直してください。 
The prints came out too green. Please make another print to correct it Kore wa midorippoi desu. Yari-naoshite kudasai. これは緑っぽいです。やり直してください。  Too blue: aoppoi
Too red: akappoi
Too yellow: kiiroppoi
This 120 film was exposed in the 6x6 cm (2 1/4 in.) format. Kono buroni film wa roku-roku de torimasita. このブローニーフィルムは66で撮りました。 Medium formats (see also "Film formats" at PhotoWords - F):
6x6 cm (2 1/4 in.): roku-roku
6x7 cm: roku-nana
6x4.5 cm: roku-yon-go

Processing Slide Film
How much does it cost to develop 35mm slide film? Sanju-go-miri no reversal film no genzo-ryo wa ikura deska? 35mmのリバーサルフィルムの現像料はいくらですか? Another word for slide film in Japanese is "poji" (ポジ), short for "positive."
Develop this slide film without mounts.


I want the cut strips (slide film) in a sleeve.

Mount-nashi de onegai shimasu.


Sleeve shiage o onegai shimasu.




If mounts are not required, pro labs can process the slide film in about 2 hours.

In Japan, slide film (and negative film) is cut into 6-frame strips which are inserted into transparent sleeves.

Develop this slide film with mounts. Mount-tsuki de onegai shimasu. モウント付きでお願いします。 It usually requires more time to process slide film fitted in mounts.
I want to make a direct print from this slide. Direct print o onegai shimasu. ダイレクトプリントをお願いします。 The photofinisher may offer cheaper ways to make a print from a slide, such as laser prints.
Develop this slide film normally (without any push or pull processing). Normal de genzo shite kudasai. ノーマルで現像してください。
I want to push-process this (slide) film by 1 stop. Ichidan no zokan de genzo shite kudasai. 一段の増感で現像してください。 2 stops: Nidan
3 stops: Sandan
I want to pull-process this (slide) film by 2 stops. Nidan no genkan de genzo shite kudasai. 二段の減感で現像してください。

Digital Imaging
Do you offer digital imaging services? Digital nyushutsu-ryoku no service o yatte imasuka? デジタル入出力のサービスをやっていますか? See also the Digital Photo Words list.
I want to make a high-quality print from a Photoshop file in this MO (magneto-optical) disk. Kono MO ni aru Photoshop file kara kogashitsu no print o onegai shimasu. このMOにあるフォトショップファイルから高画質のプリントをお願いします。 In Japan, the MO is the most popular removable media.

Most pro labs also accept Zip drive disks.

Print the file as is (without any magnification or color adjustment). File kara sono mama print shite kudasai. ファイルからそのままプリントしてください。
I want to make a color negative with the image file in this MO (magneto-optical) disk. Kono MO ni aru Photoshop file kara color nega o tsukuritai desu. このMOにあるフォトショップファイルからカラーネガを作りたいです。
How much do you charge for image editing? Gazo shori wa ikura desuka? 画像処理はいくらですか? Pro labs usually charge by the hour.
I want to develop this film on Photo CD. Photo CD in osametai. フォトCDに納めたい。

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