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Last updated: 2005-06-18

Compiled and written by Philbert Ono

What's this? List of photography-related words in English and Japanese. The Main List has 1100+ words (click on the alphabet links). Many of the words are also categorized in separate lists (General, Camera, etc.). Meanwhile, the J-E List is a separate Japanese-to-English list of essential words not included in the Main List. And Signs is a photo gallery of Japanese signs explained in English.

Note: If the Japanese term contains an English word, the English word is spelled in normal English in the romanization. This is for easier recognition and maybe easier pronunciation and understanding. If the Japanese term is identical to the Engiish, a left arrow <- is displayed (you still have to pronounce it in the Japanese katakana way). Macrons are provided to indicate long vowel sounds. Credits here.

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f/stop f-nanbaa, f-chi F値/Fナンバー
facial expression kao no hyōjō 顔の表情
faded photo iro aseta shashin 色あせた写真
faked photo uso no shashin 嘘の写真
family kazoku 家族Compiled by Philbert Ono atカゾク
family photos kazoku shashin 家族写真 See also Photographic subjects.
famous photographer yūmei shashinka 有名Compiled by Philbert Ono atユウメイ写真シャシンイエ
fashion photography fashion shashin ファッション写真
favorite picture  ichiban suki na shashin 一番好きな写真Compiled by Philbert Ono atシャシン
features/functions (of product) kinō 機能Compiled by Philbert Ono atキノウ
festivals matsuri Compiled by Philbert Ono atマツ See also Photographic subjects.
fiber-based paper baraita-shi バライタ印画紙 Comes from the word "baryta."
file <- ファイル
file attachment file tenpu ファイル添付Compiled by Philbert Ono atテンプウ
file number file bangō ファイル番号
file size <- ファイルサイズ
filing/organizing photos shashin o seiri suru 写真を整理する
fill flash nitchū synchro 日中シンクロ
fill light hojo-kō 補助光
film <- フィルム
film advance film maki-age フィルム巻き上げ
film camera <-, gin-en camera フィルムカメラ 、銀塩Compiled by Philbert Ono atギンエンカメラ
film cartridge patorone パトローネ Comes from the German word "patrone."
film cleaner <- フィルムクリーナー
film development film genzō フィルム現像
film development only (no prints) genzō-nomi 現像のみ
film development price genzō-ryō 現像料
film development with prints dōji print 同時プリント
Film formats
a. 35mm (135)
b. Medium-format film (120/220 film)
c. 6 x 4.5 cm
d. 6x6 cm, 2 1/4 in.
e. 6x7 cm
f. 6x9 cm
g. 4x5 in.
h. 8x10 in.

a. sanjūgo miri film
b. burōni film
c. roku-yon-go, semi-ban
d. roku-roku
e. roku-nana
f. roku-kyu
g. shi-no-go
h. baiten
a. 35mmフィルム、135フィルム
b. ブローニーフィルム(120/220)
c. ロクヨンゴ、セミ判
d. ロクロク
e. ロクナナ
f. ロクキュウ
g. シノゴ
h. バイテン
See also Film types.
film grain ryūshi 粒子
film holder (large-format camera) <- フィルムホルダー
film processing film genzō, DPE フィルム現像、DPE DPE is the Japanese abbreviation for development, printing, and enlargement. It refers to a photofinisher.
film rewind film maki-modoshi フィルム巻き戻し
film scanner <- フィルムスキャナ
film speed See ISO film speed.
Film types
a. 35mm film
b. 120 film
c. APS film
d. Black-and-white film
e. Color film
f. Color negative film
g. Professional film
h. Slide film
i. Sheet film
Film no shurui
a. sanjū-go miri film
b. burōni film
c. <-
d. shiro-kuro film, monokuro film
e. <-
f. Color nega film
g. Pro-yō film
h. Reversal film, poji film
i. <-
a. 35mmフィルム、135フィルム
b. ブローニーフィルム
c. APSフィルム
d. 黒白フィルム、モノクロ フィルム
e. カラーフィルム
f. カラーネガフィルム
g. プロ用フィルム
h. リバーサルフィルム、ポジフィルム
i. シートフィルム
See also Film formats.
filter <- フィルター
filter size/diameter filter-kei フィルター径
fine grain bi-ryūshi 微粒子
fine-art photography geijutsu shashin 芸術写真
FireWire <- IEEE 1394 Macintosh terminology.
firmware update <- ファームウェア アップデート
first-curtain flash sync See front-curtain flash sync.  
fish-eye lens gyōgan lens 魚眼レンズ See also Lens types.
fixer (darkroom chemical) teichaku-eki 定着液
flange focal distance flange back フランジバック Some camera makers are using the term "flange back" for the English.
flare <- フレア
flash <-, sutorobo (strobe) フラッシュ、ストロボ As in English, the words "flash" and "strobe" can be used interchangeably in most cases.
flash coverage shōsha-kaku, shōsha han-i 照射Compiled by Philbert Ono atショウシャカク、照射範囲
flash disabled/off sutorobo hakkō kinshi ストロボ発光Compiled by Philbert Ono atハッコウ禁止キンシ
flash exposure compensation sutorobo chōkō hosei ストロボ調Compiled by Philbert Ono atチョウコヒカリ補正ホセイ
flash firing flash hakkō フラッシュ発光
flash photography flash satsuei フラッシュ撮影
flash recycling time jūden jikan, recycle time 充電Compiled by Philbert Ono atジュウデン時間ジカン、リサイクルタイム
flash-ready indicator sutorobo jūden kanryō hyōji ストロボ充電Compiled by Philbert Ono atジュウデン完了カンリョウ表示ヒョウジ
flowers hana See also Photographic subjects.
fluorescent light keikō-tō 蛍光灯
fluorite lens hotaru ishi lens 蛍石レンズ
focal length (lens) shōten kyori 焦点距離
focal-plane shutter <- フォーカルプレンシャッター
focus pinto, pinto-awase ピント、ピント合わせ In focus: pinto atteiru ピント合っている
focus lock <- フォーカスロック
focus mode switch <- フォーカスモードスイッチ
focusing cloth (large-format camera) kaburi かぶり
focusing frame (in viewfinder) AF frame AFフレーム Early AF cameras had one box-like frame at the center where you could autofocus. This has expanded to multiple AF points. But the term "AF frame" has still stuck with certain camera makers.
focusing point (in viewfinder) AF frame, sokkyo-ten AFフレーム、測距点Compiled by Philbert Ono atソッキョウテン See note above for focusing frame.
focusing screen <- フォーカシングスクリーン
Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, The Nihon Gaikoku Tokuha-in Kyōkai 日本外国特派員協会 Based in Yurakucho, Tokyo.
frame (on a strip of film) koma コマ
frame (for a picture) gaku-buchi 額縁  
frame counter film counter フィルムカウンター This applies only to film cameras.
framed photograph gaku-iri shashin 額入り写真
frames per second koma/byō コマ/秒 This is for continuous shooting speed (renzoku satsuei sokudo 連続Compiled by Philbert Ono atレンゾク撮影速度). Since "frames" originally refers to pictures on film, "shots per second" might be more suitable for digital camera shooting. However, the word "koma" (frames) continues to be used even for digital cameras.
freelance photographer free cameraman フリーカメラマン
*英語Compiled by Philbert Ono atエイゴでfree cameramanではなく、必Compiled by Philbert Ono atカナラずfreelance cameramanを言Compiled by Philbert Ono atイわないと無料のカメラマンの意味になる。和製英語を要注意。
The word "free" for freelance is used for other occupations as well. It does not mean that they work for free. 
front and center massho-men 真正面
front lens element mae-dama 前玉
front light <- フロントライト
front-curtain flash sync sakimaku shinkuro 先幕シンクロ
full-length shot zenshin 全身
fully automatic zen-jidō 全自動Compiled by Philbert Ono atゼンジドウ
fungus/mold kabi カビ "Kabi" means both fungus and mold.

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