Employees getting fired over unsanitary photos

This summer, there has been a rash of shop employees (convenience stores, restaurants) who posted Twitter photos of themselves in ridiculous and unsanitary poses at their workplace. The photos went viral and they quickly got flamed. Their Twitter accounts have since been shut down, but the incriminating photos have been reposted by others. Of course the employees in question got fired and sometimes even the store was shut down.

Here’s a sample collection of the problem photos: http://ameblo.jp/oniyome2/entry-11587383750.html

From top to bottom, the page shows a photo of an employee at Bronco Billy steak house inside a refrigerator.   This restaurant branch was shut down because of this photo and he might face a lawsuit. (Made national news.) Then a woman bites into a pack of frozen sausages inside a freezer at Marugen Ramen restaurant. Another employee lies inside a refrigerator at Hotto Motto bento shop. The man resting on a pile of hamburger buns piled up on the floor was fired by Burger King. The bottom photo shows a man lying down on ice cream inside the freezer at Lawson convenience store.

A lesson on how to get fired from a part-time job in Japan.

Also Japan Times article: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2013/08/20/digital/chain-stores-suffer-part-timers-stupidity-on-the-web/#.Uhbb3hbRgrQ

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