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Welcome to PhotoGuide Japan!

A guide to photography in Japan.
Learn about Japanese photographers, photo galleries/museums in Japan, and more. Also see tens of thousands of photos of Japan. By Philbert Ono.

Travel Alerts

  • In Japan, masks are required when entering any public facility including photo galleries/museums, camera repair centers, etc.


What's New

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*Background photo: *Background photo: Olympic rings at Nihonbashi, Tokyo (no longer there).


Meet Japan's photographers and/or their work.

*Background photo: Canon booth models at CP+ 2010 Camera Show in Yokohama.


Learn more about Japanese photography.

*Background photo: MeFOTO tripod booth at CP+ 2015 Camera Show in Yokohama.


For consumers in Japan.

*Background photo: Canon booth at CP+ 2015 Camera Show in Yokohama.

Photo Opportunities

Discover Japan! Many great subjects to photograph await you. (Matsuri = festival)

*Background photo: Mt. Fuji and Lake Yamanaka in Yamanashi Prefecture.