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Oiran closeupWe offer a variety of services designed to bridge Japan with the rest of the world.

*Licensing images at PHOTOGUIDE.JP
We have an ever-growing collection of thousands of photos of Japan’s 47 prefectures at PHOTOGUIDE.JP. If you see any image(s) you want to use in your publication, contact us. Since most of the images do not have model releases or property releases, they can be used only for editorial purposes. Licensing fees are decided by you. Let us know how much you can pay, and we’ll say yes or no. For educational institutions and publications, licensing fees may be waived.

For blogs, licensing fees may be waived by receiving permission to use the low-res, online image as is (with our Web site URL and copyright info clearly stamped on the image).

*Photo guide tours in the Tokyo area (including neighboring Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Yamanashi Prefectures)
Half-day or full-day guided tours tailored to your needs/wants. Minimum charge 5,000 yen for half-day tour for a party of one person. Plus any meals and transportation costs. We can plan the tour to suit your interests. For example:
– Guide to shooting a place (shrines, temples, gardens, etc.), festivals, or scenic views.
– Photo gallery tour of the major photo galleries and museums. Whether you are a collector of original prints or just want to view Japanese photography, we can take you there.
– Shopping tour of new or used camera shops, bookshops selling photo books, etc.
* Photo tours in Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Gifu, Mie, and Shiga Prefectures are also possible.

*Liaison and consulting services
We can give advice and assistance for your planned activity in Japan. Be it a photo exhibition, product marketing, PR, photo tour, or a photo shoot. Note that we do not offer agenting services for photographers wanting to find work in Japan. If you want to hire a photographer in Japan, we can make free recommendations.

*Translation, interpreting, and localization services
Your Web site, ad, product brochure, software, etc., can be translated into Japanese. Interpreting and guide services available for sightseeing, trade shows, business meetings, etc.

*Freelance reporting
Articles about photography or travel in Japan can be written for your publication. Writing fee is negotiable.

*Slide show presentation on Japanese photography or travel in Japan
Visual introduction to Japan’s prominent photographers and their major works. Or a seminar talk about promoting foreign tourism in your area of Japan. The presentation can be given in or outside Japan. Travel expenses must be reimbursed. Sample show here.

*Research services
If you have a question which requires in-depth investigation or research, we can do it for you here in Japan for a modest fee.

*Free consultation for college students and researchers
If you are doing research concerning photography in Japan, contact us for free advice or assistance.

*Services for Japanese photographers
We also offer a variety of consulting services to Japanese photographers. We offer help with Web site design in English, English translations, and overseas exhibitions.

For any inquiries for the services above, contact us.

Last modified: Feb. 14, 2015

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