Panasonic LUMIX Camera Repair Centers in Japan

Updated: May 12, 2023

Panasonic used to have a huge network of service centers in Japan since they handle other Panasonic products besides cameras. However, they have converted to mainly mail-in service instead of walk-in repair services. Bad news is that all the repair information for users in Japan is in Japanese only as of this writing.

Also, Panasonic/Lumix camera repair services in Japan are available only to Japan residents. If you are a tourist from overseas, you cannot get your Panasonic/Lumix camera repaired in Japan. Official Lumix camera repair info page is here.

For walk-in repairs, you can take your camera to the dealer where you bought the camera in Japan. (Cannot do this if you bought the camera outside Japan.)

Otherwise, you need to fill in a form in Japanese and send your camera to Panasonic. You need to know your camera’s serial No.

Then they will examine your camera and give an estimate on the repair cost. If you agree, they will proceed with the repair. If you decline, they will send back your camera without repairing it. You will have to pay for the return shipping cost (pay when it is delivered).

Panasonic also offers a camera D-SLR body and interchangeable lens cleaning service for the set price of ¥4,840. It will take 10 days excluding the shipping time. You have pay for shipping.

They have a toll-free number in Japan for repair inquiries (call in Japanese):
0120-878-554 (Compatible with cell phones) Hours: M–F 9 am–7 pm and weekends/national holidays 9 am–5:30 pm

Or call 03-6633-6700 (phone charges will apply).

Note that the company name has changed to Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd. from April 1, 2022.

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