ART FAIR TOKYO 2010, April 2-4, 2010

We are pleased to announce our participation to ART FAIR TOKYO 2010.

For details about the fair, please visit the following website:
We are greatly value your patronage and look forward to seeing you at the fair.
Thank you.

Dates and hours :

Friday, April 2 11:00am-9:00pm
Saturday, April 3 11:00am-8:00pm
Sunday, April 4 10:30am-5:00pm
* The hour of the last admission is 30 mins before the closing.
First Choice
Thursday, April 1 4:00pm-7:00pm
Opening Preview
Thursday, April 1 7:00pm-9:00pm
* Invited guests and press

Venues :

Venue I: Tokyo International Forum, B2F Exhibition Hall
3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Venue II: PROJECTS: Tokyo International Forum,
Lobby Gallery 1, 2
3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

* MEM will present at booth No.E15 at Venue I.

Artsits :
Ken Kitano, Yasumasa Mormura, Yoshio Kitayama, Tomoko Sawada, Noriko Yamaguchi, Chiyuki Sakagami

Ken Kitano

Ken Kitano’s early photographic series “Flow and Fusion” will be exhibited during the fair on the occasion of the publishing of his monograph from the same series. “Flow and Fusion” is the first milestone for the artist who later produced a well-known portrait series “our face”. The series was shot from 1989 to the mid 1990s, when Japan went through several historical events; the collapse of the Bubble Economy, the South Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake and the sarin terrorism attack. We sold 60 prints of the monograph in Paris Photo 2009, which attracted widespread media attention. Several new images from ヤour faceユ series will also be on display.

(from upper left) one day/ Mt.Fuji sunrise to sunset,Yamanashi(2007),Tsutenkaku morning to evening, Osaka(2008)
(from lower left) our face /portraits of 39 People Floating Lanterns down the River Motoyasu in Memory of Atomic Bomb Victims on August 6, 2004, Hiroshima (2006) / portraits of 20 women who washing themselves in River Ganges in Varanasi,India (2008) / portraits of 25 traditional folk dancers, Seoul, Korea (2009)

Yasumasa Morimura

His solo exhibition has just started at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, which is already attracting attention. The show consists of his latest works focusing on male historical icons who survived in the turbulent days of the 20th century as a requiem for them. We will select a several images from the ヤactressユ series which was produced in the middle of his self-portraiture carrier starting in the 1980s.

Self-portrait(Actress)/after Mariene Dietrich 6(1996) Mユs self (1993)

Yoshio Kitayama

Since the 1980s he has joined international expositions including the Venice Biennale (1982), Carnegie International (1982, Pittsburg), and Triennial India (1991, New Delhi), and has been recognized as a sculptor who works on large pieces made with bamboos and washi paper. In 1997 he started a series of large-scale monochrome paintings on Japanese paper including two series ヤiconユ and ヤuniverseユ. ヤIconユ shows enlarged human figures drawn from little clay sculptures he makes in advance. In the ヤuniverseユ series, his numerous and meticulous touches in black ink create a series of phenomenal pictures of the universe, which could be compared to the Mandala in Buddism. In 2008 he installed a 15meter high sculpture on 90thfloor of the World Financial Center Shanghai which gained much attention. Within the two exhibitions at MEM (2010), we focused on his works on paper and explored how his works have changed since 1986. The show was introduced through reviews in the Japan Times and other national media. At the fair, we will show several new paintings.

All things are in a state of flux(2009)    good news(2010)

Tomoko Sawada

We will show Sawadaユs early works which was produced during the 1996-97. During the process of making this series Sawada said ‘I was really happy and excited while seeing the images of my face gradually coming up on the print papers when I was working in the darkroomユ.
We hope you will see the series of works ヤEarly Daysユ which has later established Sawadaユs style as a self-portraiture artist.

Early Days Doll#5(1997)              Decoration/Face (2008)

Noriko Yamaguchi

Noriko Yamaguchi is a part of the younger generation within the Japanese art scene. She uses a combination of video and photography as well as performance art. The most well-known series ‘KEITAI GIRL’ (2004) presents a futuristic image of human beings who have implanted electronic communication devices all over their body. The work focuses on today’s digital communication with cell-phones in relation with the human body. Another series, ‘PEPPERMINT GIRL'(2007), also explore her obsession with skin; she is covered with thousands of pieces of chewing gum that in some sense is used as a metaphor for DNA, conveying human genes from generation to generation. She has performedヤKEITAI GIRLユon the occasion of Paris Photo’s opening in 2008, and this year she is planning to give a new performance at ARTHK’s opening event. Italy based critique, Fabriano Fabbri has wrote about her works and performance in his latest publication ‘lo zen e il manga (zen and manga / 2009)’.

KEITAI GIRL IMEKURA SHOW 2009(performance in Kyoto)      Golden Zazame no.2 (2005)

Chiyuki Sakagami

Her drawings were included in the group show ユparallel visionユ (Setagaya City Museum of Art, Tokyo, 1993), ヤFlood-sacred irruptionユ (Hara Museum of Art,Tokyo, 1994) , ヤArtists from Japan and Koreaユ (2002, National Museum of Art, Osaka, and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul 2002), ヤEmotional Drawingsユ (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2008), and some other national/international exhibitions. Her new prints with detailed pictures will be on show at the fair.

If the butterfly’s wings are torn off(2007)     tropical night/ at brackish-water region(2007)

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