More digital cameras in Japanese only

If you cannot read Japanese, beware when buying a digital camera in Japan. More manufacturers are starting to provide only Japanese (and maybe English as well) as the interface language that appears on the menu screens.

Lumix, by Panasonic, is one popular camera brand which provides only Japanese language on its menu screens. If you cannot read Japanese, think twice about buying a Lumix in Japan. Other brands might provide at least English.

Digital cameras for the Japanese market used to include all the languages provided on export models including English, European languages, Chinese, etc. But not anymore. Be sure to check if the camera you want will display in your preferred language.

Apparently, this is to stem the export of Japanese-market cameras to overseas. But this is not good for people living in Japan and cannot read Japanese. Let’s see which camera makers will provide at least English in addition to Japanese. Or which will continue to provide all the available languages in their digicams.