Photogravure Snowscapes exhibition in Kamakura Dec 12 – 16, 2003

New photogravure etchings by Peter Miller — unique ink-on-paper depth of photogravure for the snows of Shirakawa, Kamakura, Amano-hashidate, the Japan Alps, Hokkaido…

Too cool? Also on view are new prints from Florence and Umbria, in Umber and Sienna inks drawn from the Italian earth, plus views of the little dramas of everyday life in Venice.

December 12 – 16, every day 10:30 -18:00 at Shimamori Gallery, 2nd floor, a one-minute walk from Kamakura Station (map at

The Kamakura Print Collection
photogravure prints and etchings
Kamakura, Japan