Invitation to photographers’ meetings in July in Tokyo

Hey y’all,

My networking urge has crept in again and I feel compelled to set up informal meetings of fellow photographers in the Tokyo area. So during July (mainly the weekends), let’s meet, show each other our photos, and talk about our favorite hobby (or profession).

I’m willing to set up meetings for 2 to 10 people at a time. We can meet at a family restaurant or wine bar or anywhere decent. I did this before, and it was mainly a show-and-tell thing. But this time, I want to try and focus on a specific topic such as any of the following:

– Digital photography
– Holding a photo exhibition in Tokyo
– Visiting rental darkrooms in Tokyo/Yokohama
– Visiting stock photo agencies in Tokyo
– Publishing a photo book in Japan
– Constructing a photo Web site
– Finding a job or working as a photographer in Japan
– Show & tell (your slides or photos)

The meetings will be totally free (you might have to pay for your own food or drinks) and conducted mainly in English. Anyone interested in photography can come.

The meeting may include a field trip to a gallery, etc. Or I might invite a knowledgeable friend who can talk about the respective meeting topic. Or we can just sit and talk aimlessly like the blind leading the blind. It will be very informal, and I’ll probably never see you again after the meeting. So let’s enjoy it while we can.

If you’re interested, send me e-mail with the following info:

– Your name, nationality, and current occupation
– Your location (nearest train/subway station)
– Days and hours in July when you can meet
– What topics above you’re interested in
– What kind of pictures you take and can show others
– Any field of expertise that you could share with others
– Anything that you want to promote (your book, company, etc.)

Hope to hear from a lot of people!