My Snow Festival pics in new Hawaii book

A new book called “The Companies We Keep 2,” published in Hawaii by Bob Sigall, includes two of my pictures of Iolani Palace at the Sapporo Snow Festival.

The book is a compilation of many illustrated articles about various people, places, and companies in Hawaii. Lot of interesting tidbits and anecdotes about Jack Lord, Marilyn Monroe’s stopover in Hawaii, Ala Moana Shopping Center, local food and restauramts, etc., etc.

One article called “An Iolani Palace outside Hawaii??” is based on my photos of Iolani Palace (in Honolulu) made of snow at the Sapporo Snow Festival:

The article generously mentions me and my Web site.

The book author also appeared on a local TV talk show (with Andy Bumatai) on March 4, 2008 and showed my picture and mentioned my name. See video:

Book’s official site here:

Star Bulletin article here:

ISBN: 978-0972450416

Festimage photo contest in Chaves, Portugal

Chaves, a city in northern Portugal, is holding their 2nd international photo contest. They are accepting entries from April 20 to May 25, 2007.

Cash prizes will be awarded, as well as exhibitions of winning works in Chaves. Fifty finalists will be selected by an Admissions Panel comprising of leading photographers from various countries. The public will also be allowed to vote for their favorite.

I will be a member of the Admissions Panel representing Japan.

For more information:

Looking at photos forestalls senility?

Interesting program on NHK TV the other night about senility (Alzheimer’s Disease, etc.).

Senility occurs when the brain shrinks or parts of it disappear. The program introduced various ways to slow down the disease with drugs, etc.

There was this 60-something old woman with mild dementia and her 70-something old husband who was dedicated to rehabilitate her.

At home, they had 2 large walls covered with nostalgic snapshots of her and her husband on trips, etc. They would routinely look at a few photos and the husband would ask her where it was taken and other questions to try and jog her memory. She usually had a hard time remembering, but it did stimulate her brain which was very important.

Apparently, recalling the past requires brain activity. And this is good brain exercise when it has to open all those old drawers full of memories.

That’s great to know because I’m really the nostalgic type who likes to look at my past pictures and recall all the good times and good people I came across in my life since childhood.

I better put up more nostalgic pictures on my walls. I should also take this opportunity to thank all the people who made my life so memorable and happy. I will always remember you. Thank you.

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