Month of Photography, Osaka 2004

The annual Month of Photography, Osaka will be held during late May and early June. Besides the 1000-Person Photo Exhibition, 150 photographers chosen by a public drawing will have wall space the size of a tatami mat (hitotsubo) at six galleries in Osaka.

Highlights are as follows:

Hitotsubo Exhibition by 150 Photographers
1. Osaka Nikon Salon, May 27-June 2
2. Osaka Canon Salon, May 27-June 2
3. Fuji Photo Salon Osaka, May 28-June 3
4. Space Sen (06-6364-8522), May 29-June 5
5. City Gallery (06-6316-6663), May 30-June 5
6. Visual Arts Gallery, May 30-June 5

1000-Person Photo Exhibition
Featuring photos submitted by 1,000 people.
Space Sen (06-6364-8522)
May 23-28

High School Photo Exhibition
Photos by high school students.
Miura Art Gallery (06-6316-6355)
May 30-June 5

Discussion about photo books produced in Kansai
Visual Arts Senmon Gakko, Arts Hall (06-6341-4407)
May 29, 13:00-17:00, admission 1,000 yen

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