Latest images for April 2007

My latest images center on spring festivals, cherry blossoms, and Tokyo. My Photo Xplosion continues with images from all 47 prefectures now online, finally. Even with 14,000+ photos, it still barely scratches the surface. But it’s a start. I still have thousands more to put online and many more cities, towns, and villages to visit and photograph in the months and years to come.

Traveling around Japan is one thing, but sorting and putting all these images online is another. Certainly very time-consuming, but fun. It’s a personal and lifetime quest to learn more about Japan. And to share my accumulated knowledge, experience, and images with others at the same time.

Direct links to each prefecture’s images are now provided on the home page. If you want to use any photos, Contact Us. Enjoy!

Tagata Shrine Honen Festival
Miyako Odori Cherry Dance, Kyoto
Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri, Inazawa, Aichi
Takayama Matsuri, Gifu
Sagicho Festival 1st day, Omi-Hachiman
Sagicho Festival 2nd day, Shiga
Horyuji temple, Nara
Oagata Shrine, Aichi
Imperial Palace/Edo Castle
Tokyo Station
National Diet of Japan
Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri, Tokyo
Rikugien Garden, Tokyo
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Tokyo
ICU, Mitaka
Inokashira Park, Mitaka
Dog’s tooth violet, Kiyose, Tokyo
Sotobori Moat, Tokyo
Sumida Park, Tokyo
Meguro River sakura, Tokyo
Shakujii Park, Tokyo
Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo
Takayama Jinya, Gifu
Takayama, Gifu
Mizutori Festival, Nara
Lake Suwa, Okaya, Nagano
Okaya, Nagano
Tabayama village, Yamanashi
Taketomi, Okinawa
Gala Yuzawa, Niigata
Soccer at Saitama Stadium
Shibuya Station, Tokyo
Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo
Tokyo Marathon 2007