Registered at YouTube

I finally gathered my video clips of Japan taken with my compact digicam or miniDv video camera and put the better ones online at YouTube.

See it here:

I’ve organized the video clips into various categories (Playlists) to make it easy to find the videos which interest you. Most of the videos are of Japanese festivals.

Obviously, videos can capture sounds and motions which my still camera cannot, so these videos really complement my photos well.

YouTube is not the only video-sharing service, but apparently it’s the most popular. It’s still pretty wild with many copyrighted videos online illegally, especially TV shows, etc.

I also looked into Google Video which is much more controlled and orderly. However, it takes a few days before you see your video online because they screen your video before it goes online. I’m too impatient to wait for Google’s approval. And so I decided to use YouTube.

I really like YouTube. You upload your video and it goes online within minutes, not days. You can create Playlists to organize your own videos as well as your favorite ones. The image quality is not great (ditto for Google Video), but acceptable as a free service (and free bandwidth).

There is an incredible variety and explosion of videos. Very easy to get addicted. If we could watch YouTube on our cell phones, it would be great.