Latest images for Jan. 2006

Over 5,000 photos of Japan are now online. This update centers on winter, castles, and fall colors.

Sapporo Snow Festival
1998 Nagano Winter Olympics
Katsube Shrine Fire Festival
Wakakusa-yama Burning
Toka Ebisu Festival
Himeji Castle
Inuyama Castle
Nijo Castle
Osaka Castle
Nagoya Castle
Kakegawa Castle
Karatsu Castle
Akashi Castle
Imabari Castle
Uwajima, Ehime
Kochi Castle
Matsuyama Castle
Fukuoka Castle
Kokura Castle
Ogaki Castle
Hirosaki Castle
Kiyosu Castle
Sunomata Ichiya Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Kameoka, Kyoto
Todaiji Temple
Okaya, Nagano
Suwa, Nagano
Lake Yogo in winter
Lake Biwa Rowing Song
Omi Shrine

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