Japan photos for Nov. 2005

More photos of Japan have been uploaded. For this fall 2005 update, the pictures center on Shiga Prefecture. Over 1,400 (!) images of Shiga are now online. A lot of gaijin (even those who live in Japan), have not heard of Shiga or don’t know where it is. Well, it’s right next to Kyoto Prefecture.

I also have major image collections of major autumn events like the Tokyo Jidai Matsuri (144 pictures), Tokyo Motor Show 2005, and the Emperor’s Birthday (Dec. 23). Enjoy!

Tokyo Jidai Matsuri
Tokyo Motor Show 2005
Emperor’s Birthday
Ibuki-yama Taiko Dance
Nagahama Hikiyama Festival
Chikubushima, Lake Biwa
Takeshima, Lake Biwa
Azuchi Castle
Nagahama Castle
Minakuchi Castle
Koka Ninja Village
Otsu, Shiga Pref.
Shiga Pref.
Kumano, Wakayama
Tokyo Millenario

For a complete list of images, see PHOTOGUIDE.JP/pix/.