“History of Japanese Photography” book review

In fall 2003, I heard through the grapevine that the publisher of this book was desperately trying to get this book reviewed by English daily newspapers in Japan.

I reviewed it in detail at PhotoReviews (see http://photojpn.org/books/hist/japan.html ) in Sept. 2003. I heard that at one major English daily, the book got passed around, but no one wanted to review it. I wonder why.

The book came out in March 2003 and finally we see a book review in print in English in Japan. A book review by Jeff Kingston appeared in The Japan Times on Jan. 11, 2004. See

Can you believe how long (10 months) it took for this important book to be reviewed in English in Japan?? I can’t believe that I was the first to review it in English in Japan. Even Sept. (6 months after the publishing date) is rather late…