PhotoBBS remodeled!

PhotoBBS now sports a new design and a few streamlining changes.

The PhotoPR, PhotoJobs, and PhotoQ&A forums have been deleted due to their under use (or uselessness). You can no longer post messages such as “My Web site opened!” or “Looking for photo job in Japan.”

PhotoClassifieds has been retained and it now accepts want ads for photographers (for people looking for photographers) as well as “equipment for sale” messages. It is not for posting “photographer available for work” messages. Sorry, but such messages tend to be useless.

New forums–PhotoDiary and the Japanese equivalent PhotoNikki have been newly added. This is where I post my innermost thoughts.

The forums are now in two categories, “English” and “Japanese.”
It has been a little over a year since PhotoBBS was started (in July 2002). It has been very useful, and I hope it will be even more useful henceforth.

That’s it!