PhotoReviews updated!

More book reviews have been added (and more still to come). For example:

  • The History of Japanese Photography
    by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
    The most comprehensive book ever published on Japanese photographic history in English.
  • Gunkanjima by Yuji Saiga
    Fine-art photos of an abandoned island nicknamed “Battleship Island”
    off the coast of Nagasaki.
  • Sento–The Japanese Public Bath in the 20th Century by Shoji Onuma
    Everything you wanted to know about Japan’s public baths, and then some. Detailed photographic record of public baths from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
  • Ravens by Masahisa Fukase
    The most beautiful book of crows you’ll ever see. One of Japan’s classic photo
  • Where Time Has Vanished by Ikko Narahara
    Timeless and surreal B/W landscapes taken in several states in the US.