PhotoGuide Japan’s Best Book Reviews

Links to some of the best book reviews at PhotoReviews. All reviews by Philbert Ono.

The History of Japanese Photography
The most comprehensive book ever published on Japanese photographic history in English. Also served as the exhibition catalog for the The History of Japanese Photography exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in spring 2003.

Japan’s Art Museums and Photo Collections
History of photography museums in Japan and their current state of affairs.

Gunkanjima: Awakening of a Dead Island
Fine-art photos by SAIGA Yuji of an abandoned island nicknamed “Battleship Island” off the coast of Nagasaki.

The Kabuki-za
Exquisite photo tour of the Kabuki-za Theater in Ginza, Tokyo), the world’s foremost kabuki theater. Photographed by SHINOYAMA Kishin.

Groups of Women Ama Divers (1931-1964)
Terrific B/W photos of young women ama divers in Onjuku, Chiba during 1931-1964 when they still worked topless. Photographed by IWASE Yoshiyuki.

SENTO―The Japanese Public Bath in the 20th Century
Everything you wanted to know about Japan’s public baths, and then some. Detailed photographic record of public baths from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Photographed by ONUMA Shoji.

Minzoku (Ethnic Tribe)
Head shots of teenage girls known as ganguro, yamanba, or ko-gals. Photographed by ONUMA Shoji.

Japanese War Brides in California 1978-1998
Portraits of Japanese women (and their families) who married US servicemen in Japan in the 1950s and ’60s. Photographed by ENARI Tsuneo.

Work 1991-1995
Portraits of Japanese men and women, both young and old, at their workplaces. Salary amount also mentioned. Photographed by Hashiguchi George.

Rules for Two–The International Marriage
Portraits of eighty international, married couples and their children (if any). Each couple also give a cardinal rule that they follow to get along in the marriage or family. Photographed by URUSHIZAKI Shuken.

Invisible Power
Photos of Japan by blind photographers. Includes touch-and-feel pictures.

A Corpse in 20 Scenes
Twenty famous Japanese actresses (including two actors) pose as a dead body dressed in brand-name clothing in various settings. Photographs by IZIMA Kaoru.

Dreamy landscape photos which include points or lines of light created by the photographer. Photographs by SATO Tokihiro.

Pictures of the most famous fashion model Japan has ever produced. Sadly, she died too early. Photographs by YOKOSUKA Noriaki.