PhotoGuide Japan Roadmap for 2003

At the top of the agenda is the ongoing conversion to a database-driven site. It’s a lot of work, but progressing nicely. It should be ready in Jan. or Feb. Here’s a brief sample of the site’s major changes:

  • The site will have three major database-driven modules. One for textual information, one for photos (already in place), and one for contact addresses and phone numbers like a phone book.
  • The photographers’ biographies in PhotoWho’sWho will be totally revamped and each biography will have its own Web page. Many biographies will also include a Japanese-language bio. People can also post a comment on the page for any questions, corrections, or supplemental information.
  • PhotoHistory will also be database-driven and people will be able to post comments. PhotoHistory for 2002 will also be added.
  • PhotoSpaces, which lists photo galleries and museums in Japan, will also be totally revamped and database-driven. Many more galleries and museums all over Japan will be added. Addresses will be in both English and Japanese.
  • Besides PhotoSpaces, other directory-type sections such as PhotoVendors and PhotoBookstores that consist of contact addresses and phone numbers will be in an online database. If you become a registered user (free), you can select your favorite listings of photo galleries, bookshops, etc., and assemble them on your own customized Web page at PhotoGuide Japan. You can then have quick access to your favorite photo-related businesses.

After that, there will be more online photos of Japan and a major update of PhotoJapanese (Japanese lessons for the photographer) and other outdated sections.

Hope to see you often in 2003!