Latest images for Jan. 2006

Over 5,000 photos of Japan are now online. This update centers on winter, castles, and fall colors.

Sapporo Snow Festival
1998 Nagano Winter Olympics
Katsube Shrine Fire Festival
Wakakusa-yama Burning
Toka Ebisu Festival
Himeji Castle
Inuyama Castle
Nijo Castle
Osaka Castle
Nagoya Castle
Kakegawa Castle
Karatsu Castle
Akashi Castle
Imabari Castle
Uwajima, Ehime
Kochi Castle
Matsuyama Castle
Fukuoka Castle
Kokura Castle
Ogaki Castle
Hirosaki Castle
Kiyosu Castle
Sunomata Ichiya Castle
Fukuyama Castle
Kameoka, Kyoto
Todaiji Temple
Okaya, Nagano
Suwa, Nagano
Lake Yogo in winter
Lake Biwa Rowing Song
Omi Shrine

For a complete list of images, see PHOTOGUIDE.JP.

End of Bronica

In Oct., Tamron announced the termination of their Bronica medium-format business with the discontinuation of the Bronica RF645 6×4.5 camera and its interchangeable lenses and accessories. The decision was made due to the shift to digital cameras by wedding and portrait photographers who formed the main core of the Bronica market. The Bronica brand is now history.

Photo Imaging Expo 2006, Mar. 23-26

On March 23-26, 2006, Photo Imaging Expo (PIE 2006) will be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

This is THE photo expo in Japan where you can find small-format cameras and accessories, large-format and professional equipment, and minilabs.

It is Asia’s largest photo trade show. Opening hours: 10:00 - 17:00 (till 16:00 on last day). Admission 1,000 yen.

English Web site:
The Web site includes information (including rates) on having a booth at the show.

Finland in Sept. 2005

As I mentioned elsewhere, I gave slide shows in Finland in Sept. 2005 upon the inivitation of a small town called Kuusamo, northeast of Helsinki.

It was a great trip and meeting so many photographers from Europe was very nice. I spent about 8 days in Kuusamo, and many of the days were spent on day trips to watch bears, rafting, forest hiking, etc. My 200+ pictures would tell a better story so here they are:

These are a few photos in particular that you might find interesting:

Japanese gun in Finland



Japan photos for Nov. 2005

More photos of Japan have been uploaded. For this fall 2005 update, the pictures center on Shiga Prefecture. Over 1,400 (!) images of Shiga are now online. A lot of gaijin (even those who live in Japan), have not heard of Shiga or don’t know where it is. Well, it’s right next to Kyoto Prefecture.

I also have major image collections of major autumn events like the Tokyo Jidai Matsuri (144 pictures), Tokyo Motor Show 2005, and the Emperor’s Birthday (Dec. 23). Enjoy!

Tokyo Jidai Matsuri
Tokyo Motor Show 2005
Emperor’s Birthday
Ibuki-yama Taiko Dance
Nagahama Hikiyama Festival
Chikubushima, Lake Biwa
Takeshima, Lake Biwa
Azuchi Castle
Nagahama Castle
Minakuchi Castle
Koka Ninja Village
Otsu, Shiga Pref.
Shiga Pref.
Kumano, Wakayama
Tokyo Millenario

For a complete list of images, see PHOTOGUIDE.JP/pix/.

New vintage photo catalog from Old Japan

UK-based Old Japan, run by my friend Terry Bennett, has just published its latest catalog (No. 33) of old and rare photographs for sale.

The 50-page catalog is profusely illustrated with many valuable photographs of a wide variety of subjects, even a candid and unauthorized picture of Emperor Meiji. Single pictures as well as stereographs and albums are up for sale.

The catalog also provides interesting background on all the items. Very informative if you want to learn a little bit about Japanese history in the late 19th century and early photographers in Japan.

The catalog is available for $25 at Old Japan:

Finland photos

I had a great time in Finland in September attending a nature photo festival in Kuusamo, giving slide shows, and meeting many nature photographers from Europe. I also went on various nature trips such as bear/wolverine watching, river rafting, and hiking in the forest.

I have uploaded over 200 photos of my trip for all to see:

Here are a few photos which are particularly interesting:

Japanese gun in Finland


Insect movie

Wolverine movie clip


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