Pixel race ending in saturated digicam market

Japan sales of digital cameras in 2009 shrank by 4.5% compared to 2008. The average camera price also decreased by an average of about 7% compared to 2008 prices. This is according to BCN, a market research company in Japan and reported by NHK TV news today.

The economic recession combined with a saturated digicam market are cited as primary reasons for the shrinkage.

To stimulate demand and stop the slide in camera prices, camera makers are now focusing on providing unique features in their digital cameras rather than continuing the pixel race. For example, FujiFilm has marketed a compact digital camera having face recognition for pets. It can continue to focus on the face of your moving dog or cat whose face has been registered with the camera. Olympus has also marketed a very compact and lightweight D-SLR.

Sales of D-SLRs have also decreased since Sept. 2009. BCN reported that Sept. 2009 unit sales of D-SLRs reached only 96.2% of the total sold in Sept. 2008. D-SLR sales had been increasing for over 4 years until Sept. 2009.

Another interesting trend in Japan is that the D-SLR market is moving toward a higher-priced segment. In Sept. 2008, about half the total of D-SLRs sold were priced below 80,000 yen. But a year later, little over half the D-SLRs sold in Sept. 2009 were priced within 80,000 to 120,000 yen. That’s a 13.6% jump compared to a year before. D-SLR prices have stabilized and/or the market is moving up to higher-end models.

Canon and Nikon account for about 70% of D-SLR sales in Japan. Canon leads Nikon in market share in most months, but it’s a real tug of war between them. The monthly market share also hinges on the introduction of a new model by Canon or Nikon.

The best-selling D-SLR in Japan every month is almost always the Canon Kiss series (X, X2, X3 and soon X4) known as the Rebel or 400D, etc.

The price of the Canon EOS 7D keeps falling almost weekly as of this writing. It has already fallen by 3,000 yen since early Feb. 2010 when I bought mine. The level of refinement and specs of the 7D as a midrange camera are so outstanding that I won’t have to worry about it becoming obsolete in 18-24 months and spend another bundle of money to replace it. The D-SLR market is really coming of age.

CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show on March 11-14, 2010

Just when I got used to the name “Photo Imaging Expo (PIE),” they have created yet another incarnation of Japan’s largest camera show.

It is now called the “Camera & Photo Imaging Show” abbreviated as CP+. And instead of being held in Tokyo, it will be held in Yokohama, at Pacifico Yokohama, a large convention complex.

Instead of the four photography-related organizations which held the old PIE show, CP+ will be held by CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association).

For details, see the show’s official site in English:

Pacifico Yokohama is near JR Sakuragicho and Minato Mirai Stations:

About CIPA
The Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) is an international organization comprised of companies involved in the production and sale of silver-halide camera and digital camera, imaging-related products, software and more. In addition to product specifications, standards and technical research, CIPA deals with environmental issues and other industry-wide issues and seeks to contribute to the development of photographic and imaging culture.
Web site: http://www.cipa.jp/english/


As a birthplace of photography in Japan, Yokohama will be staging a full-fledged photo festival from 2012. They will be holding a few activities as a prelude to the festival.

One of them is the Open Portfolio Review. On Jan. 16-17, 2010, they will have a large room with a long table lined with photo portfolios of various photographers who apply for this event. A panel of distinguished photographers, curators, and critics will review your portfolio in your presence.

They will accept applications for this portfolio review from early Dec. See their Web site for details and application info:

Izu Photo Museum opens in Shizuoka Pref.

Another photo museum has opened in Japan. This one is in the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture. Opened on Oct. 26, 2009, the new Izu Photo Museum is part of the Clematis no Oka museum complex.

The museum was designed by Sugimoto Hiroshi who is also the first artist to exhibit at the new photo museum. The museum is near JR Mishima Station on the Tokaido Line. A free shuttle bus is provided from the north exit, leacing once an hour.

See their Web site for more details.

Izima Kaoru: Landscapes with a Corpse, Sep. 26-Oct. 25, 2009

Izima Kaoru will hold an exhibition of his “Landscapes with a Corpse” series from Sept. 26 (Sat.) to Oct. 25, 2009 (Sun.) at BLD GALLERY in Tokyo. This is an unusual series of photos of high-fashion actresses posed as corpses in various situations, sometimes humorous. Read more about his work here: http://photoguide.jp/txt/IZIMA_KAORU

He is also having an exhibition called “One Sun” at the same gallery, running until Sept. 23, 2009. Gallery hours 11 am to 7 pm.

Izima will also give a few talk shows at the gallery (reservations required and admission charged). See the gallery Web site for details (in Japanese only). The gallery is near JR Yurakucho Station, Ginza Station, and Ginza Itchome Station.

Nathalie Daoust exhibitions in Tokyo, Aug. 2009

Montreal-born photographer and friend Nathalie Daoust will have two exhibitions in Tokyo from late Aug.

Hide and Sex
At the Vanilla Gallery from August 24 to September 12, 2009

2nd Kamata Bld.4F, 6-10-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo,104-0061
Business Hours: 12:00-19:00 weekdays,
12:00-17:00 Saturday and holidays, closed on Sunday
TEL&FAX 03 5568 1233

Her second exhibition:

Frozen in Time, Switzerland
Aug. 21-25, 2009

Rocket Gallery
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-9-6
HOURS: 12:00-19:30

These images are set in an ambiguous territory where dream and reality clash. In this altered state of reality, stillness and silence permeate each image, each is a moment frozen in time. Here memory and introspection create a labyrinth of illusion, mystery and fantasy. Although the images are part of a series, each is unique and non-sequential. The narrative that evolves throughout the works is a personal one, a journey, steeped in self-scrutiny, towards coming to terms with one’s identity through life experiences, loss and sorrow as well as pleasure.



「Hide and Sex」Exhibition at the Vanilla Gallery from August 24 to September 12

〒104-0061中央区銀座6-10-10 第二蒲田ビル4階
電話 03-5568-1233

「Hide and Sex」とは、サディズムとマゾヒズムに対して現代の日本人女性が非常に特殊化しているということを前提に、彼女達の精神世界を多角的に検討しようという試みである。


現実よ りも幻想の中で生きようとしている彼女(もしくは彼)達へ。ナタリーのメッセージは、そのような現実社会を逸脱した、きわめて個人的な≪誰か≫のために発信し続けられるものなのだ。


現実と非現実――その境は曖昧で不明瞭で、意識下において行われるという意味ではむしろ同じものだとも言えなくはない。今回は、そのあやふやな〈虚〉と〈実〉の間を揺れる、極めて抽象的な感覚の視覚化を試みた。もちろんそれは非常に実験的なものであったことはいうまでもないだろう。茫洋とした中で模索を続けながらも、 旧来の技術に基づいた新手法を用いて、「写真」という媒体をさらに次のものへと昇華させる。それが、わたしが考える一芸術家としての使命なのである。

Frozen in Time, Switzerland
Nathalie Daoust
2009 8/21(fri)-8/25 (tue) 12:00-19:30

〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-9-6
tel&fax 03-3499-1003
mail hello@rocket-jp.com

カナダ、モントリオールに生まれ、世界を舞台に独特の世界を表現し続けている写真家Nathalie Daoust (ナ
タリー・ドースト)。本展では、彼女が6ヶ月にわたるスイス滞在の間に撮影した写真シリーズFrozen in Time を
Nathalie Daoust

モントリオール生まれ。Cegep du Vieux-Montreal にて写真を学んだ後、ニューヨークに移り住み、処女作となる「New York
Hotel Story」を制作。2001年より東京のネオンドキュメント作成のため日本に2年間滞在。その後、「Entre Quatre Murs,
Berlin」「Street Kiss, Brazil」「Frozen in time, Switzerland」など、世界各所にて斬新なシリーズ作品を制作。カナダ、アメ

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