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To Japanese version Introducing IZIMA Kaoru
SHINOZAKI Ryoko wears Vivienne Westwood Catase Rino wears Sybilla

Born 1954 in Kyoto. Tokyo-based photographer and TV commercial director. Formerly the chief editor of zyappu, a progressive fashion magazine which folded in 1999 when publisher Korinsha went out of business.

One regular feature of the magazine was a short pictorial called "Serial Murders of Actresses." It featured photos of an imaginary murder of a famous Japanese actress who lies dead in a river, road, or elsewhere while wearing brand-name clothing cited in the caption.

Twenty installments of this series were put into the book, sitai no aru 20 no hukei (A Corpse in 20 Scenes) published in 1999. And seven more installments were published in the exhibition catalog Landscapes with a Corpse 1999-2000.

KIPS 2001 Exhibition: Landscapes With a Corpse

MATSUYUKI Yasuko wears Gucci

As a special guest of PhotoGuide Japan, Izima-san exhibited 16 photographs titled Landscapes With a Corpse. He had four series of photos, each one showing a well-known Japanese actress dressed as a corpse. There was MATSUYUKI Yasuko wearing Gucci and lying in an empty bathtub (above photo), Catase Rino wearing Sybilla lying on the roadside on the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo (top right), six girls wearing X-girl scattered on a beach in Okinawa, and SHINOHARA Ryoko wearing Vivienne Westwood in a men's restroom at an expressway rest stop (top left).

His work provoked the strongest response (both positive and negative) from viewers. He also came to the slide show and gave an interesting talk explaining the concept behind his corpse series. One of his objectives of this series was to bring the subject of death more out in the open.

It was a great honor and pleasure to have a professional like him to join our humble little group of unknown artists. He was very friendly with everyone and interesting to talk to.

IZIMA Kaoru at KIPS 2001

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