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Panoramic shot of the KIPS 2001 exhibition room that gave us over 62 meters (203 ft) of wall space and 140 square meters of usable floor space. This is how it looked from near the entrance of the exhibition room. The room had movable wall panels, so we designed the layout to obtain as much wall space as possible. (Floor plan here... )

A total of 78 photographs were exhibited by seven photographers. Each photographer had a wall space measuring between 4.8 meters and 14.4 meters. We also had a few windows which let daylight come into the room.

Cleaning ladies sign guest book.Table with portfolios.

In the middle of the room was a large, square pillar surrounded by three tables. We put the photographers' portfolios, books, and magazines on the tables (above right). We also had a guest book and passed out pamphlets. In the above left photo, jubilant cleaning ladies gladly sign our guest book. They cleaned the exhibition room every morning before we opened. Everybody in the building were really friendly.

The exhibition room was open from 9 am to 8:30 pm. We always had at least one staff person inside the room. (It was usually Philbert.)

The Kyoto International Community House is a public facility operated by the city of Kyoto through the Kyoto City International Foundation. It is a large public facility with conference rooms, an event hall, a library (with English materials), Internet terminals, restaurant, and exhibition room. Besides renting out their facilities, they offer language and culture classes. It is a popular place for Kyoto's foreign and internationally-minded residents and students to hang out.

The exhibition room we used was called the Sister Cities Corner/Exhibition Room. It normally displays various memorabilia and display panels related to Kyoto's nine sister cities. Twice a month, the room is made available for free to any organization involved in promoting international exchange or activities. Since PhotoGuide Japan met these qualifications, we took advantage of this excellent venue.

During the 6-day exhibition, a few hundred people came to see our humble exhibition. They included employees of the Kyoto International Community House and people from various countries attending language or culture classes. Friends and family of the exhibiting photographers also came and were a pleasure to meet. It was wonderful meeting so many different people. And it was a great pleasure to know that our exhibition helped them understand Japan a little bit better.

The staff at the Kyoto International Community House were also very nice to work with. We have to thank them for everything they did for us. Things went so well this time that there were people suggesting that we do it again next year (in 2002) at the same place. And quite a few people came from Osaka so they wanted us to do it in Osaka next time. Of course, we still don't know where we will do it in 2002. Hopefully it will be in a nice, exotic place like Sapporo or Okinawa. But if anybody knows a good (read: cheap or free) place to hold a photo exhibition or slide show, let me know -->

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