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What it is: Notice of Elina Moriya's group exhibition in Tokyo. Last modified:2002-07-09

Gallery Jin
Kunosu Kichijoji 2nd floor
2-26-12 Kichijoji Honcho
Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Tel: 0422-28-7708
Near Kichijoji Station. Map here.

Thoughts on Life
by Elina Moriya

"I'm alive, living in a labyrinth we call life, seeing new, exciting things behind every corner and learning from each moment. The labyrinth of life is full of light, sun, hope and love – and pain, despair, injustice and sadness. At times I understand it, at times I don't. I walk on in the labyrinth, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes knowing exactly what I want and how I'm going to get it. Sometimes I stop for a long time, sometimes I hurry. The labyrinth is an interesting place to live in. I study it, try to figure it out, freeze a moment here and another one there and analyse different kinds of people."

Thoughts on Life


Thoughts on Life

Thoughts on Life consists of black and white photographs and aphorisms in which I try to connect the pictures and different moments in life. The aphorisms are my thoughts on life in general as well as on different situations, the key moments and most important elements of life. They reflect the way I see life.

My aim was to make the people in my photos look interesting and yet keep them unrecognisable, mere dark figures in different moments captured by the camera. The shadows create interesting, even funny shapes. The pictures are dark and simplified and have strong contrasts, which gives them credibility and depth.

Exhibition Information

Elina held her first exhibition in Japan on July 19-25, 2001. It was a group show with three other photographers. The gallery was Gallery Jin, a small art gallery in Kichijoji, Tokyo. See a map here.

About Elina Harajuku

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