PhotoGuide Japan in PhotoStage magazine, May-June 2003

The current issue (May-June 2003) of PhotoStage magazine features a two-page article about PhotoGuide Japan and yours truly. The interview is in Japanese. It explains why I started the Web site and other details.

This is a free magazine distributed at photo galleries in Tokyo such as the Nikon Salon in Ginza and Shinjuku. It provides photo exhibition schedules for photo galleries in the Tokyo area (including Yokohama and Kawasaki).

How to hold an art exhibition in Tokyo

Here is an interesting and informative article giving advice on how to hold an art exhibition in Tokyo. By Tokyo art critic Monty DiPietro (at who even writes, “Forget it!” was the response I got from most of the Tokyo-based artists, and gallery and museum people I queried on how a North American might arrange a Tokyo exhibition.”

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