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What's this? Fukagawa Hachiman Festival photos by Philbert Ono. Held in mid-August in Koto Ward, Tokyo, this is the festival's full-scale version held once every three years (1996, 1999, 2002, etc.).

Joint Procession of Portable Shrines
Aug. 18, 1996

Standard uniform of portable shrine bearers (for both men and women). The headband may be tied at the front or back of the head. It may also be tied on the head like a bonnet. There is a variety of ways of tying the headband.

The happi coat bears the name of the parish or district the person belongs to. The same name is displayed on the respective portable shrine. The shorts are white and skintight. Worn by both men and women. Also called Han-momo or Han-momohiki. The white tabi (sock-like shoe) has a rubber sole.

After the dry portion of the parade, the climactical wet portion of the parade begins. (I wish I could sprinkle some water on you from this computer screen.)

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