Oyako Photo Contest

Send your family photos and messages!

We’d like to see your smiling faces. We will be selecting family photos and messages to add to the http://www.oyako.org website. Hopefully we can include yours.

How to send:
Attach a photo (jpeg format) to your e-mail and send it to
In addition to your photo and message, write when and where it was taken, along with the names, ages, and occupations of the people in the photo. Also we’d like to know how to contact you, so include your e-mail, telephone, and mailing address (*your contact information will be kept private will not include it on this site or shared with others)

Deadline:Oyako Photo Contest entries must be received by July 31, 2005

Website:later we will introduce our favorite photos on our website.

Olympus A Prize:1 prize
E-300 Zuiko Digital Camera with 14-45mm lens
Olympus B Prize: 1 prize
MR-500i, music and digital camera with 20GB HD
Lexmark Prize: 10 prizes
Lexmark X2350 printer and scanner
Edwin Prize: 2 pair of jeans x 5 prizes
Edwin jeans
Hug Prize:1 prize
iLife’05 for Mac computer
Smile Prize:1 prize
Tiger for Mac computer
Family Prize: 1 prize
.mac for Mac computer

More info: http://www.oyako.org/recruitment.html

by Bruce Osborn

Expanding online photos

To make this site a true photo guide to Japan, I have begun to upload my photos of Japan. There are about 1,000 images so far, and this number will increase monthly. New photos will be announced here.

You can now view photos such as:

Aichi Expo 2005
Kagurazaka Geisha
All-Japan Judo Championships
Narita Taiko Festival
Sagami River Koi-nobori
Warabi Hadaka Festival
Showa-machi Giant Kite
Yokaichi Giant Kite
Kameido Wisteria
Tenno-sai Festival
Iwakuni, Yamaguchi

For a complete list, see PHOTOGUIDE.JP/pix/

PhotoCovers: Home page history

We now have screenshots of some of our past home pages in a new section called PhotoCovers. You can see how our home page evolved and developed since May 1996 when we first went online.

Past Web page designs were embarrassingly primitive and amateurish. PhotoGuide Japan has surely come a long way in both content and Web design. Perhaps you’ll recognize the first home page you saw at PhotoGuide Japan. See PhotoCovers.

Month of Photography, Tokyo 2005

The annual Month of Photography, Tokyo will be held during May and June 2005. Besides the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, major photo galleries in Tokyo will hold a diverse array of photo exhibitions.

This year, there won’t be the exhibition by women photographers. Also, the 1000-Person Exhibition will take place at the Shinjuku Park Tower Atrium (where the women’s exhibition was) instead of the Ebisu Garden Place.

The main exhibitions will feature vintage photos and photos by photographers in Uzbekistan.

Highlights are as follows:

10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition[How Photography Changed People’s Viewpoint, 2. Creation]
Vintage photos from the 19th century to the 1930s.
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2nd floor)
May 28-July 18, 10:00-18:00 (till 20:00 on Thu. & Fri.), closed Mon.
Sample photos: http://www.syabi.com/topics/t_10anniversary.html

Asian Photographers 2005, Republic of Uzbekistan
Photos by various photographers in Uzbekistan.

The elegance of light and shadow
Canon Gallery Ginza
May 30-June 4
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-2.html

Olympus Gallery
June 9-15
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-2.html

Water is life
Pentax Forum
May 27-June 2
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-2.html

Aidem Photo Gallery
June 2-8
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-2.html

Gallery Cosmos
May 24-June 6

Meiji, Taisho, and Showa Era Photos

Shinjuku Nikon Salon
May 31-June 6, 10:00-19:00 (till 16:00 on 7th)
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-1.html

104 Albums
Konica Minolta Plaza, Shinjuku
May 21-30, 10:30-19:00 (till 15:00 on last day)
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kikaku2005-1.html

Photographic Society of Japan Award-Winning Works
Featuring winning works of PSJ’s annual photo awards.
Ginza Fuji Photo Salon
May 27-June 2, 10:00-20:00, (till 14:00 on last day)
Sample photos: http://www.psj.or.jp/gekkan/schedule/kyoukai/index2005.html

1000-Person Photo Exhibition
Featuring photos submitted by 1,000 people.
Shinjuku Park Tower Atrium (not at Ebisu Garden Place)
May 26-29, 10:30-18:00, (till 17:00 on last day)

For phone numbers, addresses, and directions to the galleries, see PhotoSpaces at http://photojpn.org/dir/listings.php?cmd=viewlistB&cid=41

Detailed schedule (in Japanese) provided at the PSJ site:

Organized by the Photographic Society of Japan (Nihon Shashin Kyokai) with the cooperation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Tel: (03) 5276-3585

Canon Gallery Ginza opens

Canon has closed the old Canon Salon photo gallery and service center in Ginza and reopened on April 25, 2005 at a new location 2 blocks away nearer to Higashi Ginza. They now have a new place called Canon Plaza Ginza.

It houses the new Canon Gallery Ginza, Canon Digital House Ginza, and the newly-named Canon Service Center Ginza (2nd floor). It includes a product showroom which occupies most of the new space.


It’s open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Near Ginza subway station, exit A12 or Higashi-Ginza Station, exit A8.

Konica-Minolta to reduce camera business

On March 25, 2005, Konica-Minolta Holdings announced that they will trim their photo imaging business to try and stem the flow of red ink currently totaling 9 billion yen. They will reduce their paper and film business and concentrate on high value-added digital cameras. They will also expand their “digital on-site” business that offers printing services at camera shops and photofinishers.

They plan to reduce their photo imaging business by 40 percent by fiscal 2008 and operate 2 billion-yen in the black by then.

Reduced competitiveness of their digital cameras and shrinking demand for film and paper are cited as causes of the red ink.

End of Contax

On April 12, 2005, Kyocera Corporation announced that it will terminate its famed Contax-branded camera business. Production of Contax camera equipment was terminated at the end of March 2005, and shipment of most Contax camera equipment is to end by Sept. 2005.

The reason given for the pullout was Kyocera’s inability to keep up with rapid market changes. Kyocera will continue to provide servicing of Contax equipment for up to 10 years. It will also continue operating Contax Club (camera club) and the Contax Salon photo gallery in Tokyo for the time being. (Update: The gallery and camera club were terminated in 2009.)

The English translation of their press release has a slight error in one paragraph.

The sentence
“Although Carl Zeiss and Kyocera have entered into a long term co-operation regarding the development, production and sale of CONTAX-branded cameras, Kyocera has decided to terminate such business due to difficulties in catching up with the recent rapid market changes.”

should have been translated as:

“Although Carl Zeiss and Kyocera have cooperated for many years to develop, manufacture, and market CONTAX-branded cameras, Kyocera has decided to terminate this relationship due to difficulties in catching up with rapid market changes.”

I hope you (and they) can see the difference in the meaning and implication.

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Photo Exhibition in Genova, Italy

Genova, Italy, a lovely seaside city, will be holding a major Japanese art exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale, the city’s grandest exhibition hall (it used to be a palace), during April to August 2005.

It will show ukiyoe, posters, textiles, and photographs. I was the co-curator of the photography exhibition which will show images of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb aftermath. One highlight will be pictures of Nagasaki taken on the day after the bomb by Yosuke Yamahata.



Update: Photos of the exhibition:

Press release in Italian for the photo exhibition:

Hiroshima-Nagasaki Fotografia della memoria A cura di Rossella Menegazzo e Ono Philbert

La mostra e` sorta per ricordare e commemorare il sessantesimo anniversario del bombardamento atomico delle citta` di Hiroshima e di Nagasaki il 6 e il 9 agosto 1945. Essa si avvale della collaborazione organizzativa del Museo della Pace di Hiroshima e del Museo della Pace di Tokyo e si compone di tre parti.

La prima, divisa in due sezioni ciascuna dedicata a una delle due citta`, consiste di una serie di settanta fotografie che costituiscono i primi documenti visivi della catastrofe. Le immagini furono scattate nei giorni immediatamente successivi allo scoppio delle due bombe. HAYASHI Shigeo, HIMURA Ken’ichi, MIYATAKE Hajime, MATSUSHIGE Yoshito, sono alcuni dei fotografi che ripresero per primi la catastrofe di Hiroshima: le rovine, le distruzioni, gli oggetti, i cadaveri, i sopravvissuti. Impressionante il montaggio a 360° di Hayashi: la visione di un altro mondo. YAMAHATA Yosuke e` invece il piu` importante testimone del disastro di Nagasaki. Le sue foto, scattate per la massima parte il giorno dopo l’esplosione, sono state di recente oggetto di una trasmissione dell’ente televisivo di Stato (NHK) che, attraverso i volti ritratti, ha potuto ricostruire, riconoscere e in alcuni casi rintracciare diversi sopravvissuti.

La seconda parte consiste di una serie di ventisei pannelli fotografici e didattici in cui viene ricostruita la storia, diventata simbolo di pace e speranza, della piccola Sadako e delle sue mille gru di carta. La gru e` in Giappone sinonimo di buon auspicio e di longevita`. Quelle colorate di carta che Sadako comincio` a creare mentre era in ospedale per la leucemia generata dalle radiazioni, dovevano accompagnarla a una guarigione che non ci fu. Da allora gru di carta come le sue continuano a essere create e donate da grandi e piccini che visitano il Parco della Pace di Hiroshima intorno al museo. Anche la campana del Parco e` in forma di gru.

La terza parte di questa mostra commemorativa e` un’istallazione creata da Riccardo Blumer con Gian Carlo Calza per la memoria e la meditazione. Occupera` l’intera Corte Grande di Palazzo Ducale fino all’ultimo piano e verra` montata per il 22 giugno per essere aperta con un evento.

Schedule in Italian:

In case you’ll be visiting Italy, please drop by.

1 24 25 26 27 28 38