Supermodel Sayoko Yamaguchi dies

I was shocked and saddened to hear that Japan’s one and only super fashion model, Sayoko Yamaguchi, died of acute pneumonia on Aug. 14, 2007. She was 57.

She was by far, my all-time favorite fashion model, even though I never saw her in person. One of the most photogenic women in the world, she was the epitome of Japanese chic and fashion. It wasn’t just the way she looked or what she wore. It was also her attitude and inner spirit.

She was in a class all by herself, and no Japanese fashion model since the 1970s has ever come close to her looks, fashion, mystique, elegance, class, and attitude. She will be sorely missed by the fashion world and photographers alike.

She sought to promote Japan and Japaneseness. Her okappa short bob hairstyle was a trademark. It was the traditional haircut for little Japanese girls. It’s the hairstyle that looks like someone covered her head with a bowl and just cut the hair along the edge of bowl. Straight bangs are cut straight across the forehead, and the rest of her hair is cut straight all around her head.

Who else can make a major fashion impact with this chawan cut?

Another Japanese legend I missed seeing in person.

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This guy named ricky liow plagiarized my essay on Sayoko:

Update: The Web host deleted the offending text in June 2010.

Michael E. J. Stanley exhibition, Tokyo, July 27-Aug. 8, 2007

I am an American photographer who has worked in the Japanese magazine
publishing industry for almost three decades. Much of that time has
been spent in working on larger ‘special issue’ articles and I have
essentially ignored the orthodox ‘one-man show’ tradition in serious
photography. Recently, however, I have begun to work my way through
some of my ‘life work’ files (for want of a better term…) and am
preparing some exhibitions. The first of these is scheduled for 27th
July through 8th August at the HAC Gallery in Aoyama. The work I am
preparing is all analog monochrome images done in a somewhat ‘classic’
style, but all were shot underwater in the southern seas (Okinawa and
the Ogasawaras) of Japan. This is not a common genre of photography.

The URL for the gallery’s website is (there is an
English-language option on the site); the URL for my own website,
which shows several online galleries of my work, is There is a mention of this exhibition and a
few samples of the work that will be featured in the show in the ‘News
and Events’ section. E-mail queries can be made through links on
either site.

The HAC Gallery’s address is 2-11-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0062. It is located on Route 246 (Aoyama-dori) between Gaienmae
and Aoyama-Itchome Stations on the Ginza subway line.
The phone number is 03-5772-6225.

Oyako Day Photo Contest, Deadline July 31, 2007

Oyako Day Photo Contest

Send us your most unforgettable family photos!
This year’s theme is “OYAKO SMILE”.
The contest is open to everyone.

Please include “OYAKO photo contest” as your e-mail’s subject line.

July 31, 2007

Prizes: Prizes include Olympus digital camera and Lexmark inkjet printer. More prizes to be announced.

Go to Oyako Day website for more details

Latest images for May 2007

Ichiyo Sakura Matsuri Oiran Procession
Shibazakura Moss Pink, Chichibu
Nezu Shrine Azalea Festival
Hamura Tulip Festival, Tokyo
Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri, Tokyo
Tenjin Matsuri, Osaka
Sanno Festival, Tokyo
Asakusa Yabusame
Meoto-Iwa Wedded Rocks, Mie
Arakawa Shizen Koen Park, Tokyo
Tonogayato Garden, Tokyo
Senzoku-ike Pond, Tokyo
Kiyosumi Teien Gardens, Tokyo
Fukagawa-Edo Museum, Tokyo
Shinagawa-juku, Tokyo
Ontakesan, Tokyo
Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, Saitama
Yokota Air Base Friendship Festival
Sugamo, Tokyo
Hie Shrine, Tokyo
Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Tokyo
Ryogoku, Tokyo
Shinagawa Jinja Shrine, Tokyo
Tamagawa Josui, Hamura, Tokyo
Gotanda, Tokyo

写真年鑑 2007



この2007年版にはなんと英語解説もある。3ページの英字だけですが、無いよりまし。その英語の質も高い。英語を担当した会社は東京都写真美術館の図録の英文化も担当している。そのアメリカ人社長は私の古い知人。「PhotoGuide Japanをよく参考にしていますよ」と何回も言われたことあります。あとギャラリー・博物館名簿の英文化もしてくれると最高。


日本写真協会(Photographic Society of Japan)の長年の会員でしたが、2006年を最後にして退会しました。

毎年発行されている「日本写真年報」(Japan Photo Almanac)を希望して年会費を払っていましたが、2006年から日本カメラ社が「写真年鑑」(2800円)を発行されたため、PSJの写真年報の必要性がなくなりました。


Festimage photo contest in Chaves, Portugal

Chaves, a city in northern Portugal, is holding their 2nd international photo contest. They are accepting entries from April 20 to May 25, 2007.

Cash prizes will be awarded, as well as exhibitions of winning works in Chaves. Fifty finalists will be selected by an Admissions Panel comprising of leading photographers from various countries. The public will also be allowed to vote for their favorite.

I will be a member of the Admissions Panel representing Japan.

For more information:

Latest images for April 2007

My latest images center on spring festivals, cherry blossoms, and Tokyo. My Photo Xplosion continues with images from all 47 prefectures now online, finally. Even with 14,000+ photos, it still barely scratches the surface. But it’s a start. I still have thousands more to put online and many more cities, towns, and villages to visit and photograph in the months and years to come.

Traveling around Japan is one thing, but sorting and putting all these images online is another. Certainly very time-consuming, but fun. It’s a personal and lifetime quest to learn more about Japan. And to share my accumulated knowledge, experience, and images with others at the same time.

Direct links to each prefecture’s images are now provided on the home page. If you want to use any photos, Contact Us. Enjoy!

Tagata Shrine Honen Festival
Miyako Odori Cherry Dance, Kyoto
Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri, Inazawa, Aichi
Takayama Matsuri, Gifu
Sagicho Festival 1st day, Omi-Hachiman
Sagicho Festival 2nd day, Shiga
Horyuji temple, Nara
Oagata Shrine, Aichi
Imperial Palace/Edo Castle
Tokyo Station
National Diet of Japan
Shinjuku Eisa Matsuri, Tokyo
Rikugien Garden, Tokyo
Koishikawa Korakuen Garden, Tokyo
ICU, Mitaka
Inokashira Park, Mitaka
Dog’s tooth violet, Kiyose, Tokyo
Sotobori Moat, Tokyo
Sumida Park, Tokyo
Meguro River sakura, Tokyo
Shakujii Park, Tokyo
Higashi-Kurume, Tokyo
Takayama Jinya, Gifu
Takayama, Gifu
Mizutori Festival, Nara
Lake Suwa, Okaya, Nagano
Okaya, Nagano
Tabayama village, Yamanashi
Taketomi, Okinawa
Gala Yuzawa, Niigata
Soccer at Saitama Stadium
Shibuya Station, Tokyo
Kasai Rinkai Park, Tokyo
Tokyo Marathon 2007

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