Michael E. J. Stanley exhibition, Tokyo, July 27-Aug. 8, 2007

I am an American photographer who has worked in the Japanese magazine
publishing industry for almost three decades. Much of that time has
been spent in working on larger ‘special issue’ articles and I have
essentially ignored the orthodox ‘one-man show’ tradition in serious
photography. Recently, however, I have begun to work my way through
some of my ‘life work’ files (for want of a better term…) and am
preparing some exhibitions. The first of these is scheduled for 27th
July through 8th August at the HAC Gallery in Aoyama. The work I am
preparing is all analog monochrome images done in a somewhat ‘classic’
style, but all were shot underwater in the southern seas (Okinawa and
the Ogasawaras) of Japan. This is not a common genre of photography.

The URL for the gallery’s website is www.hacgallery.com (there is an
English-language option on the site); the URL for my own website,
which shows several online galleries of my work, is
http://mejstanley.com/ There is a mention of this exhibition and a
few samples of the work that will be featured in the show in the ‘News
and Events’ section. E-mail queries can be made through links on
either site.

The HAC Gallery’s address is 2-11-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0062. It is located on Route 246 (Aoyama-dori) between Gaienmae
and Aoyama-Itchome Stations on the Ginza subway line.
The phone number is 03-5772-6225.