April Fool’s at digitalcamera.jp

What I would call the Japanese version of dpreview (minus the forums) is digitalcamera.jp run by camera mag writer Kumio Yamada. People who cannot read Japanese and only look at the images and headlines might be fooled into thinking that those incredible camera announcements are really true.

Well, the long, elaborate entry for April 1, 2006 is a joke. He did it last year as well, and more than a few people outside Japan fell for it. This year’s joke included his announcement of the Nikon D80 with a 10-meg CCD sensor to succeed the D70, and Canon EOS-1Ds Mark X to be marketed in the fall. FujiFilm’s new D-SLR called FinePix S4 Pro is to be based on Nikon’s F100 film SLR. At the end of the entry in red Japanese text, he apologizes and says it’s an April Fool’s joke.