etc. english discontinued

Dear subscriber to etc.english,

I am writing to inform you that etc.english will no longer be published on a regular basis. I thank you for supporting the publication and apologize for any inconvenience caused by its discontinuation.

To replace the regular edition I have made an index of Tokyo art galleries and museums in PDF, which includes contact details, website links, maps and information about the kind of art usually exhibited. The index, which will be updated periodically, can be accessed from the etc.english web site (, where you can also browse past editions of the publication.

If you require a regular source of information about the Japanese art scene, please try the monthly Japanese Art Scene Monitor (, which I edit.

I am also involved in the Mori Art Museum, a new museum due to open in Tokyo in October this year (, and contribute articles to Art In Sight, the monthly art supplement of the International Herald Tribune – Asahi (sometimes included on

Some other useful English sites on Japanese art include:

Assembly Language
PhotoGuide Japan
Tokyo Q
Real Tokyo

Thank you again and I encourage you to continue supporting Tokyo’s art galleries.

Yours sincerely,

Edan Corkill